Does iPhone 13 Case Fit 14 | Beginner's Guide

Does iPhone 13 Case Fit 14 | Beginner's Guide

The latest iPhone 14 models appear to be visually similar to the previous iPhone 13 lineup, but are these two series of smartphones similar enough to allow you to use an iPhone 13 phone case on the new iPhone 14? Apple redesigns its iPhone models every few years, with subsequent releases having similar forms and designs. With the iPhone 12, Apple switched from its previous design with rounded corners to the current flat-edged design. Even though there have been numerous changes to the iPhone since iPhone 12 was launched in 2020, the overall design has remained the same throughout the years. When it comes to the cases, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models may appear similar, but that does not mean users can switch cases without any hassle The focus of this article is to discuss the similarities and differences between the forms and dimensions of iPhone 13 and 14 and answer the question; Does iPhone 13 case fit 14?

Do You Need a Case for iPhone 14?

Do iPhone 13 Cases Fit 14

Before we discuss whether an iPhone 13 case will fit an iPhone 14, we need to determine if you need an iPhone case in the first place. Despite the fact that the iPhone 14 is a remarkable device featuring strong construction and scratch-resistant glass, one should still consider the question of whether one needs a case for it or not. Even though the iPhone 14 is pretty durable, factors like accidental drops, scratches, and overall device longevity are something you should keep in mind.

As a result of the potential costs and inconveniences associated with repairing or replacing a damaged iPhone 14, it is wise for users to invest in a case in order to protect their device and keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. However, when buying the new iPhone 14 case, it is important to consider the case's functionality, durability, and MagSafe compatibility before making your purchase. If you are still hesitant about purchasing the case for you iPhone 14 read this article; Do You Need a Case for iPhone 14 | Beginner's Guide.

Do iPhone 13 Cases Fit 14

Does iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Fit 14 Pro Max
When it comes to the compatibility of iPhone 13 cases with the iPhone 14, the regular models share similar sizes and dimensions. The standard iPhone 14 has nearly identical dimensions to the base-model iPhone 13. Both devices stand 5.78 inches (14.68 cm) tall and measure 2.82 inches (7.16 cm) in width. However, the iPhone 14 is slightly thicker (by 0.01 inches), with a thickness of 0.31 inches (0.79 cm). It's a small difference, which means that the iPhone 13 case can technically fit the iPhone 14, but since the iPhone 14 is thicker than its predecessor, the case may not align perfectly with the camera module or buttons.

Does iPhone 13 Pro Case Fit iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro share remarkably similar dimensions, with slight variations in size. The iPhone 13 Pro measures 146.7 mm (5.78 inches) in height, 71.5 mm (2.82 inches) in width, and has a depth of 7.65 mm (0.30 inches). In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro has a height of 147.5 mm (5.81 inches), the same width of 71.5 mm (2.81 inches), and a slightly increased depth of 7.85 mm (0.31 inches).

Although the overall size difference is minimal, it is crucial to note that button placement varies between the two models as in the base models. Consequently, while the physical size of the iPhone 13 Pro case may align closely with that of the iPhone 14 Pro, differences are still there, which may lead to an imperfect fit. Therefore, it is recommended to use a case specifically designed for the iPhone 14 Pro to ensure proper alignment and functionality.

Does iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Fit iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max show a noticeable difference in size. Due to this, it's unlikely an iPhone 13 Pro Max case will fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 13 Pro Max measures 160.8 mm (6.33 inches) in height, 78.1 mm (3.07 inches) in width, and has a depth of 7.65 mm (0.30 inches). In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a slightly shorter height of 160.7 mm (6.33 inches), a slightly narrower width of 77.6 mm (3.05 inches), and a slightly thicker depth of 7.85 mm (0.31 inches). The large size difference between the two models means that the iPhone 13 Pro Max case will not fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max well. Additionally, apart from the size difference, the placement of buttons and ports may not align properly between the two models. We advise you to use a case specifically designed for the iPhone 14 Pro Max to ensure proper fit and functionality.

Size Guide for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 

When it comes to iPhone models, it's important to note that each version typically comes with its own unique size and dimensions. Although iPhone 13 and 14 models look nearly the same from a distance, they still differ in inches. Because of this, the fit and compatibility of cases and other accessories vary between models. To ensure a proper fit, it is essential to consider the specific dimensions of your iPhone model when selecting a case.

For more information, check out the size guide below:

Will an iPhone 13 Case Fit a 14

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Does iPhone 13 Pro Case Fit iPhone 14 Pro

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Wrap Up!

Here's the deal: while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max might seem the same size, and you may fit one case into another, it's important to know that the case won't perfectly align with your phone. Despite their similar dimensions, the iPhone 14 series has some design tweaks and component shifts that make the iPhone 13 case a no-go. Therefore, if you have your eye on a spiffy new iPhone 14, make sure to grab a case made especially for that model. Don't settle for anything less than a quality iPhone 14 case - make sure you opt for a case that is tailor-made to fit your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max perfectly, so you can keep it looking premium and protected at the same time.