Smart Desk Mat For Laptops MS020
Smart Desk Mat For Laptops MS020
Smart Desk Mat MOFT
Smart Desk Mat MS020
Smart Desk Mat MS020
Smart Desk Mat MS020
Smart Desk Mat For Laptops MS020
Smart Desk Mat For Laptops MS020
Smart Desk Mat MOFT
Smart Desk Mat MS020
Smart Desk Mat MS020
Smart Desk Mat MOFT
Smart Desk Mat MOFT
Smart Desk Mat For Laptops MS020
Smart Desk Mat MOFT
Smart Desk Mat MS020 Smart Mat Digital Kit Sienna Brown
Smart Desk Mat MS020 Smart Mat Paper Kit Sienna Brown
Smart Desk Mat MS020 Smart Mat Digital Kit Oxford Blue
Smart Desk Mat MS020 Smart Mat Paper Kit Oxford Blue
Smart Desk Mat MOFT Smart Mat Full Kit Oxford Blue
Smart Desk Mat MOFT Smart Mat Full Kit Night Black
Smart Desk Mat MS020 Smart Mat Paper Kit Night Black
Smart Desk Mat MS020 Smart Mat Digital Kit Night Black
Smart Desk Mat MOFT Smart Mat Full Kit Sienna Brown

Smart Desk Mat


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A desk mat that turns into an adjustable stand for multiple devices. 

For Smart Mat Digital Set users, please make sure to check the specifications below for the compatibility of the Wireless Charging Pad.

*Apple Watch Holder is sold separately. 

  • Adjustable at  25° or within 45°-60°.
  • Versatile magnetic accessories add-ons
  • Two embedded NFC tags
  • Constructed with vegan leather and strong fiberglass.
  • Compatible Model: All laptops, tablets, and phones. 

SHIPPING NOTE: Free Shipping within the US ONLY

Set: Smart Mat Digital Kit

Smart Mat Digital Kit
Smart Mat Paper Kit
Smart Mat Full Kit

Color: Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue
Night Black
Sienna Brown

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Product Features

Smart Mat Digital Kit, Smart Mat Paper Kit, Smart Mat Full Kit


Oxford Blue, Night Black, Sienna Brown

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 19.8*11.8*0.3 in/50.4*30*0.7 cm 
  Material: Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Metal sheets
  Weight: 55.6 oz/1577 g
The phone models compatible with the Wireless Charging Pad: (Output Capacity: 10W)

US Standard Shipping: 5-10 business day delivery.

Shipping Email Notice: We will send you an email with the tracking number once your order has been shipped.

Global Standard Shipping: 8-15 business day delivery. Some countries in Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America might take up to 15-25 business days.

DHL Shipping: DHL is experiencing parcel volumes surge due to coronavirus crisis. Please expect additional delays of about 7-10 days before your order arrives in the destination country.


How do I set up the NFC tags for automation?
For iPhone users, Click HERE for the tutorial video
1. Access the Shortcuts app here and tap on “Automation”
2. Click on “Create Personal Automation”
3. Scroll down until you see “NFC” and select that
4. Scan the NFC tag and then name it
5. Now, add actions like “Set an Alarm” or “Open Apple Music”
6. Hit “Next” and that’s it
For Android users, (enable NFC Tool app): 
1. On your Android device, open the Settings app.
2. Select Connected devices.
3. Tap on Connection preferences.
4. You should see the NFC option. Hit it.
5. Toggle the NFC option on.
6. Then download an app like NFC Tools for settings
7. Go to the “Write” tag of NFC Tools, then add as many records as you wish with the “Add a record” button.
8. When you're done, tap “Write” and slide the NFC Tags along the back of your device.
9. Open NFC Tools on the “Read” tab and slide your NFC tag along the back of the device and that's it.

Does the desk mat support both Apple and non-Apple devices?
Yes, it’s designed for various types and sizes of laptop models, tablets and phones. The mat is spacious enough to support multiple devices simultaneously.
For the Digital Set: the tablet holder can hold most kinds of tablets.
With the Snap Phone Sticker, you can snap whatever phone you have on the Wireless Charging Pad which doubles as a phone holder.

Does the Apple Watch Holder charge a watch?
No, you can mount your watch but it will not charge but there is a slot for a third-party charger. It is also sold separately.

What is the power output of the wireless charging pad?
The power output is 10w. (Please check your phone is compatible with wireless charging)

Which accessories are for the Airpods?
Both the memo holders in the Paper Set and the Wireless Charging Pad in the Digital Set can mount an Airpod case. Please note, the Wireless Charging Pad does not charge Airpods or other wireless charging buds.

What are the weight capacities of the desk mat and the Tablet Holder?
Smart Desk Mat: 6.6 lbs/3000 g
Tablet Holder: 3.3 lbs/1500 g

How thick of a book can the Book Holders support?
The Book Holders can hold magazines or books up to 1.5 in/4 cm thick.

Can I snap the Apple Pencil 2 on the desk mat directly without the need for any accessories?
Yes, you can snap the Apple Pencil 2 on the mat directly, because the pencil has built-in magnets, and the mat has embedded metal sheets.

Smart Organizer for Your Everyday Digital Life

Organize and Focus in Comfort

Jump into Your Flow

The First Mat That Combines Desk Mat, Stand and Organization Board Together

Elevates All Your Devices At Once

Multitask on a Level Plane for Uninterrupted Continuity

The mat organizes and elevates your devices together for the ultimate multi-screen ecosystem. Focusing on your digital demands from each device becomes effortless.

Modular Magnetic Accessories

Snap to Make Everything Neat and Tidy

With the magnetic accessories in place, simply arrange all your work essentials for the coolest and quickest way to keep them uncluttered and at your fingertips.

The Digital Kit

Dual-screen Setup That Boosts Efficiency

The digital kit accessories props up a second device like a tablet or phone next to your laptop for easy access. Snag a quick glance at reference materials or drag and drop files between devices without missing a beat.

The Paper Kit

Mood Board For Inspiration

With the paper kit, collate notes, photographs or other visuals to channel ideas and stimulate your creativity

Built-in NFC Functions

Tap to Get Into Focus Mode

The mat is embedded with two NFC hotspots that can be pre-programmed to your needs from a wide range of apps such as scheduling and concentration apps.

Coupled with a Soft Lap and Wrist Cushion

Work From Your Couch or Bed as You Like

The lap cushion magnetically attaches to the underside of the mat so you can work at your favorite cozy spot. It also doubles as a wrist support for long hours of typing.

Space-saving Design

Clutter-free Work Space Transition

With ample surface space, move your workstation around the house or office for change of scenery throughout the day without hassle!


Clock out, Fold away

From a multi-device stand to an unobtrusive piece, it literally transforms a space from a dedicated office to a room in a second, helping you to be a separator.

Spill Proof & Soft Touch

Carefree on a Daily Basis

Made with soft faux leather, the mat is a premium desk piece while being scratch and water resistant.

Read the Reviews

“Finally, a dedicated space for all the gadgets crowding your desk.”

"No normal person's desk is always clean and tidy... The best way to keep a space organized is to have a designated spot for each of your frequently used items. That's where MOFT's Smart Desk Mat comes in." - MUO

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Dope little mat that allows me to draw with my setup

This mat is amazing. I don't really use the NFC Tags because my phone's NFC position is in a awkward place, but the rest of the features are great. Love that whole modular setup. I was even able to add some other magnetic things to the setup as well (not pictured)


A very practical desk mat with adjustable height and strong magnetic attachment.

Like it!

Looks good, and feels even better!