Make The World
Your Office


If you're here, we know you. Maybe you are always on the go, or maybe you
simply want a change of scenery from the office. Maybe you've always
dreamed of backpacking across Europe, or maybe you are a corporate jet-
setter. No matter who you are, there's one thing we know about you: You want
the ability to remain productive anywhere so you are free to pursue your
passions. So do we.

That's why we created MOFT. Most productivity
accessories are rigid, bulky and heavy - keeping you tied down.
We wanted to create something flexible, functional, and non-intrusive that
goes everywhere we go, allowing us to be productive anywhere life's
adventures take us.

Our History

The year was 2016. We weren't MOFT yet, we were just three friends that spent most of our time in hotels, coffee shops and on airplanes for work. Which we loved-the freedom, the new sites, sounds and experiences. What we didn't love was trying to stay productive for work while doing it-home office equipment was heavy, bulky and honestly, pretty ugly. Which meant we were constantly lugging around these bags full of big, clunky extra accessories just so we could work.

We needed a solution that fit our evolving lifestyle: multiple locations, multiple devices, multiple work surfaces. We wanted something that gave us the freedom to be in an office, or not, and still stay productive. We decided we could do better: something that was slim, lightweight, and portable. And it had to be able to travel easily in suitcases and bags.

Unseen. Unfelt. Unnoticed.

Today, MOFT designs products with every aspect of working on-the-go in mind. We remain dedicated to our mission: empowering people in their pursuit of new experiences without sacrificing productivity.

We are honored to be one of the most successful product launches in
Kickstarter history and to have earned the coveted iF Design Award for 2019.

Welcome to MOFT. We design products that deliver comfort, freedom and
unleash your productivity.