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MOFT Global Announcement for Brand Protection

We will not stop beating copycats to respect and strive for originality. 

Lately, the protection of originality, which we care so much for, has been boiling into the public view, since a Korean youtuber published a video on it.  We sincerely appreciate him speaking out.

At this moment, we’d like to make an official announcement on the originality of MOFT and our determination to protect our brand.

It’s the second year after MOFT was born. We have over 200,000 fans getting behind us after successfully launching three original products. Our original designs are also recognized with International design awards such as iF and Red Dot.

But meanwhile, we are facing the challenge of countless counterfeit manufacturers and copycats coming in many different forms. What’s worse, one of our agents copied and imitated all our products and even sold them with genuine products.

In the last two years, we have received 5749 links of copycats in sales channels worldwide; the 4685 links below have been dealt with and taken away.

Crowdfunding has made us connected with worldwide supporters who honor the originality. This value is and will always be the fundamental to our Brand. It’s what has driven us forward and the way we stand by our supporters.

Since the launch of the first product, we have spared no effort in protecting our intellectual property around the world.

  • A global strategy in intellectual property protection for each original product has been put into effort.
  • A security code is attached on each package of the MOFT products. (Click your product authenticity  or search check moft via google)
  • The method to report counterfeits has been on our website and social platforms. fill the form below.

MOFT will always protect the originality through legal actions (regular marketing check, copycat reporting, lawsuits, etc.) Besides, we will keep focusing on innovation as a fundamental way to protect our originality.

We believe that copycats can never copy our understanding of new mobile office, of space innovation for product design, and they will never understand our vision to explore new ways of living and working. Not only are we creators, we are also users. Before the research and development of each product, we observe life, find customer pain points and think through them thoroughly. so each original product itself is our way to fight back copycats. 

On the World Intellectual Property Day 2020, we launched the Honor the Originality campaign to invite our global customers to protect our brand from counterfeiters. So far, there are 230 links to counterfeiters reported. MOFT is a community of users who share the value of respecting creativity and originality. Join us by leaving a link above if you spot any suspicion of fake products, and be our mouth to help us make our voice heard.

We are deeply thankful to the users from different countries for speaking up for us, by which we are truly moved and motivated to keep creating innovative products in return. Together we will go further.



Julianna He/Founder


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