Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007
Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007 Cool Gray
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007 Jet Black
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007 Navy Blue
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007
Invisible Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007 Leather Brown
Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007

Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet


Color: Cool Gray

Cool Gray
Jet Black
Navy Blue
Leather Brown
Deep Blue

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Original world's 1st invisible phone stand & wallet offers maximum productivity and comfort with a minimalist design. (Adhesive never to be forgotten on the go.)
  • At 0.1 in thin, 0.86 oz weight. Unfelt and unseen when carried. 
  • Portrait and landscape modes.
  • Holds up to 3 cards.
  • Constructed with vegan leather and strong fiberglass.
  • Compatible Model: 4.7" or larger with a flat TPU/PC/plastic/metal/crystal phone case back. 
  • Please make sure there's no obtrusion/lends/sensor/grill in the area.
    • Dimensions of the Stand & Wallet:  3.6*2.5*0.18 in
  • NOT compatible with silicone phone cases, leather cases, or cases with uneven texture. 
  • Note: Wanderlust Blue is only available for the US. 
    Product Features

    Cool Gray, Jet Black, Navy Blue, Leather Brown, Deep Blue

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions: 3.6*2.5*0.18 in/93*64*4.6 mm
    Weight: 0.86 oz/25 g
    2 viewing modes: Portrait and Landscape
    Holds up to 3 cards
    : Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Magnets, Metal sheets
    Please note, NFC won't work when the Adhesive Stand & Wallet is attached.
    For iPhone 12/13/14 series, we recommend the magnetic version for NFC use.


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    Does the Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet offer RFID protection?
    Yes, it offers RFID protection.

    Is Moft X compatible with skins such as those from dbrand and Slickwrap?
    Yes, MOFT X phone stand adheres well on 3M skin including dbrand and Slickwrap.

    Is Moft X compatible with phone cases made of wood such as Thermopolyurethane (TPU) or Polycarbonate (PC)?
    Yes, it sticks to the phone case made of wood portion, TPU and PC.

    Which option do I go for if I want to have a stand to support the Nintendo Switch?
    The MOFT X phone stand can support the Nintendo Switch.

    Does MOFT X phone stand work on the phone with silicone phone case?
    No, the MOFT X phone stand does not work on silicone phone case.

    What is MOFT X made of?
    It's made of vegan leather, fiber glass, metal sheets, magnets and microfiber.

    How many times can the stand can be reattached
    It can be removed and reattached 5-6 times after which the adhesive may start to wear off.

    Does it work with NFC?

    We're afraid NFC won't work when the Adhesive Stand & Wallet is attached. We recommend the magnetic version compatible with iPhone 12/13/14 series for NFC use.

    The Best Everyday Carry Stand & Wallet

    The Thinnest Wallet Stand

    To continue MOFT’s invisible design philosophy, our MOFT X portable phone wallet stand is unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, and unnoticed when carried. A simple fold-line on the back makes it function perfectly.


    View Content Hands-free

    The 60° angle in portrait mode helps your read vertical content or message with ease. Then rotate it landscape mode, perfect to watch a video.


    Grab & Go

    Doubles as a wallet to take up to 3 cards with you, anywhere. Super secure with RFID protection.


    Unfelt When Carried

    Razor-thin, light as a feather. Always by your side but barely noticeable.


    Easy on, Easy Off

    With a special adhesive backing, it's strong enough to endure everyday use, but can be easily removed and reattached from phones and cases without leaving a single mark.


    Universal Compatible

    It works perfectly with all phone models 4.7" or larger.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Great wallet

    It is a great product to use with magsafe

    Great quality ! Useful

    I have received. Thank you so much Moft team !

    Can't live without it

    I had the adhesive phone stand wallet (discontinued "mini white") for two years and I love it. It has gotten beat up through the normal wear and tear of daily use, but functionally is still pretty great. The product description says 3-card wallet, but I've gotten away with stuffing 3 credit cards and my driver license in it. Maybe because of that, the card sleeve has loosened over time and now if I drop my phone a certain way, the cards sometimes slip out. That said, the reason I repurchased was actually to get rid of the broken clear case it was attached to. My new stand is in "hello yellow". I'm a little dismayed it's actually orange, but I'll live. For what it's worth, the support team was quick to confirm my order was correct and that "hello yellow" is meant to be a sunrise yellow.

    Everything Moft

    I started supporting since the 1st Kickstarter campaign. Laptop stand, phone stands for the entire family, mouse cloth, tablet stand, carrying sleeve & sit-stand stand.

    Got a new phone stand but this time it didn't perform as well. The previous compact version I have allows me to place my estate card and scan it directly while in the case. Now with this new one, the scanner couldn't detect the card anymore. Same number of cards in the wallet and same placement of the card. I wonder if these newer ones no longer allow for that.

    Xavier Lim
    Works with iPhone SE 1st Gen!

    This is a truly wonderful stand. It's very light, slim, useful, easy to use, and even a bit of fun to fiddle with!

    Fits the iPhone SE 1st Gen, using any case that's reasonably flat (the curves right at the edge of both cases shown are fine). I tested it with both a Catalyst case and a Lifeproof case, and it holds marvellously!

    Very happy with this, thanks Moft.


    I have been using adhesive wallets on my phone for the last few years. What makes Moft’s adhesive wallet stand out is the fact that it covers the entire card that you place inside of it. I feel like this offers privacy unlike some other card holders that show the top of the cards that are inside. The adhesive is really secure and I don’t feel like I need to worry about it coming off no matter how many times I put my phone in my pockets. I have purchased the brown adhesive wallet twice and I love the leather and suede texture. It gives my phone a bit more character. I do not trust MagSafe wallets as much as I do adhesive ones so I hope that Moft continues to make more color options for the adhesive version.


    Ordered more than 5 times for family and friends best product and thanks

    Love it!

    I love the simplicity of carrying my ID and credit card with my phone. This product makes it easy, and it doubles as a stand as well!

    Awesome phone stand/ holder

    I love the MOFT iphone stand/ holder. It is so versatile in standing the phone up to view either in landscape/ portrait mode. But also a great holder/ grip to hold the phone and preventing dropping it when walking with the phone. I love that it folds flat allowing the iphone to lie flat on the table compared to other iphone holders. Highly recommended!

    Great stand

    I've had this stand for over 2 months now for my new i-Phone 14 Pro. It replaces an adhesive stand Casemate used to make, but makes no longer. I love the adhesive stand because - frankly - the magnet stuff just doesn't work. The stand can come flying off the phone at an inopportune time. I have my stand adhered to a case, not to the phone directly. Why more casemakers do not make a case with a stand for a VERTICAL orientation is a mystery to me, but I love that I can view my phone both vertically and horizontally with this stand. You can also use the stand to hold the phone more securely if you're in a situation (like on a ski chair lift for example) where dropping it would have dreadful repercussions. I concede I do not use the card holder other than to hold one or two of my business cards. I am a wallet guy, so it's redundant for that. However, as a phone stand it has proven to be durable and gives me the dual orientation with my phone that I seek. It also gives me a much more secure way to hold my phone. It is slim and doesn't compromise my ability to put it in a tight pocket and the adhesive seems to be holding up well.