TOP #1 Trending Gift for Tech Company

A simple and seamless way to personalize MOFT’s products for your business partners, clients, and workmates

Whether it’s for making an impression, showing appreciation or celebrating a special event, you can always find one that changes gift receivers’ life for the better.


Gift them with greatest freedom to boost productivity while maintaining health which you care about.


More than a gift presented in their everyday work environment, but a
personal work accessory they can practically use for comfort.


A mark of a special event is also a start of having a companion to explore possibilities of new work styles together.

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How it Works

1. Get Started

Fill out the form below. Our agent will get in touch within 24hrs.

2. Start the Customization

From design to application method, then to the shipping, you have us for the whole process.

3. Gift the Productivity

Time to surprise your clients, or wow your team with the sleek, versatile designs.

Flexibility, Open, and Possibility

In today’s fast-paced world, people seek seamless and effortless
solutions to empower life’s adventure while maintaining their
productivity. We come to realize flexibility has never been more
important to productivity product design, which leads to our innovation -
fold space. Meanwhile, we’ve always been open to various design ideas
and feedback. That’s where possibilities come in and how a series of
MOFT’s creations are brought to life.