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Elevate your experience with our sleek and innovative range of phone stands designed for convenience and versatility. From adjustable angles to ultra-thin profiles, our phone stands seamlessly integrate with your phone, offering unmatched functionality without compromising style. Explore our collection of cell phone stands and take your mobile experience to the next level!

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Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007M

iPhone 12/13/14/15


Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet For Phones MS007




Flash Wallet & Stand - MagSafe Compatible For Phones MS025 Misty Cove

iPhone 12/13/14/15


Snap Phone Grip & Stand - MagSafe Compatible For Phones MS018




Snap Stand Power Set (MagSafe Compatible) For Phones MD015+MS007MS Misty Cove

iPhone 12/13/14/15


2 Invisible Phone Stand Combo For Phones MS007 Combo Space Grey Space Grey

2 Adhesive Phone Stand Combo





Pride Phone Grip Stand & Laptop Stand Set MOFT Pride Love None

Pride Phone Grip Stand & Laptop Stand Set

$69.99From $34.99




Cell Phone Stands

Almost every aspect of our daily lives revolves around our smartphones. Recent data indicates that smartphone users spend an average of three hours on their phones, doing everything from communicating to browsing, texting, watching videos, and making video calls. As we spend more and more time staring at our screens, it becomes evident that we need to have some kind of support to avoid having to hold or prop our phones against walls or other objects, and that is where the phone stand comes in handy.

One way to make phone usage more comfortable and convenient is by using a phone stand. In this collection, we present the best phone stands by MOFT that will take your phone experience to a whole new level; From reducing strain on your hands and neck to making it easier to watch videos, take photos, or store cards, our cell phone stands offer a range of benefits that can enhance your overall phone experience.

The Benefits of Using Phone Stands

Benefit 1: Obviously, the first benefit of the phone stand is an improved viewing experience. A phone stand can be used to hold a phone in a stable and upright position, making it easier to watch videos, make video calls, and use the phone hands-free. It can also help reduce strain on the user's hands and neck while using the phone for an extended period. Additionally, using a phone stand can help to prevent the phone from being accidentally dropped or damaged

Benefit 2: Using a phone stand can be beneficial for taking photos and videos as it allows for a stable and steady shot. Phone stand for desk can be especially useful for live streaming, vlogging, or recording video calls. Additionally, our phone stand for recording can be adjustable, allowing our users to find the perfect angle for their needs.

Benefit 3: Another benefit of using phone stand is that our cell phone stands are MagSafe enhanced, which means you can charge your phone without even taking off the phone stand. MagSafe phone stands seamlessly attach to your phone with its magnets, not allowing it to fall off. 

Benefit 4: A phone stand can also increase your productivity. With a phone stand, you can turn your smartphone into a mini workstation. Whether you're working remotely or simply multitasking, a phone stand allows you to prop up your phone, keeping it easily accessible while you focus on other tasks. You can comfortably type messages, read tutorials, watch videos, or view documents, all while keeping your hands free for other activities thanks to a phone stand for desk.

Benefit 5: On top of being functional, phone stands can also look stylish and be a beautiful addition to your phone. Especially MOFT cellphone stands, as they are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them an excellent addition to your phone.Check out MOFT cell phone stands and style up your new phone!

How to Choose the Best Phone Stand

When it comes to choosing the best phone stand, it is crucial to consider your specific needs. Start by assessing how you intend to use the stand. Are you looking for a stand primarily for hands-free video calls or watching videos? Or do you need one that offers adjustable angles for comfortable viewing and reading? Do you need a phone stand for desk specifically? Stability is another important factor, especially if you plan to use the the phone stand for recording on uneven surfaces or while multitasking. Additionally, look for stands that provide a secure grip to prevent your phone from slipping or falling. It's also worth considering portability, durability, and any additional features like MagSafe compitability or foldable designs. By taking these factors into account, you can select a phone stand that perfectly suits your needs.

Why Choose MOFT Phone Stands

At MOFT, we pride ourselves on crafting innovative, versatile, and stylish tech accessories, with our phone stands being a product. Our phone stands are carefully designed to provide the perfect blend of functionality and elegance into one piece. With sleek and lightweight designs, MOFT phone stands offer unparalleled convenience and portability, making them ideal for people with on-the-go lifestyles. 

Portability: To continue MOFT’s invisible design philosophy, our phone stands are unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, and unnoticed when carried. 

Compatibility: Our phone stands are compatible with most of the cell phones released since 2018. The MagSafe feature only works on the iPhone 12 and up.

Adjustability: MOFT cellphone stands allow you to adjust the angles of your phone; this will give you more control over the viewing angle and help you to find the most comfortable position.

Stability: One of the best features of our phone stand is that it makes your phone very stable, making sure it doesn't move or tip over.

Material: Our phone stands are built with the highest-quality and eco-friendly materials that are smooth to touch but extremely durable. 

Charging capabilities: MOFT phone stands are MagSafe enhanced, which means you can wirelessly charge your phone without even taking off the phone stand. This can be a convenient feature for iPhone users who use MagSafe charging.

Design: Our phone stands come in different designs, colors, and materials; however, what makes them similar is that they all can be stylish addition to your phone!

Functionality: Besides serving the purpose of the phone stands, MOFT phone stands have different features that can enhance the functionality of your phone, such as a wallet, MagSafe compatibility, charging function, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a phone stand?

A phone stand can be used to hold a phone in a stable, upright position, making it easier to use the phone hands-free, such as watching videos, making video calls, or using the phone as a camera. This can reduce strain on the user's hands and arms and make it easier to see and interact with the phone's display. Some phone stands also have additional features, such as the ability to adjust the viewing angle or charge the phone while it is being held in the stand.

Which type of phone stand is the best?

The best type of phone stand will depend on the user's needs and preferences. For example, if you are looking for a stand to hold your phone while you are working on your desk, a phone stand for desk is the best option as it can hold your phone in a stable, upright position on a desk or table. These stands can be adjustable, and many have a base that can be used to charge the phone while it is in the stand. Some other popular options include portable stands, phone grip stands, phone stand for recording, or even ring stand; it all depends on the user's needs.

What are the disadvantages of a phone holder?

One potential disadvantage of using a phone stand is that it can be bulky and take up space, so it may not be ideal for people who travel frequently or have limited space. It's also important to consider that phone holders may impede the use of certain phone features, and some phone holders may need to be adjustable enough to provide the perfect viewing angle. However, MOFT phone stands have a silky design and do not add bulkiness to your phone, while its MagSafe-compatible design doesn't impede any functions of your iPhone.

Are MOFT phone stands compatible with MagSafe?

Yes! The phone stands we offer are all MagSafe compatible with iPhone 12, 13, and 14. Therefore, you will not have to remove your stand whenever you want to use MagSafe charging. Our phone stands are equipped with the latest technology, providing users with a whole new level of convenience and ease of use