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Since MagSafe technology was introduced, the demand for magnetically connected phone wallets has grown rapidly. Due to their minimalist design, our MagSafe wallets have garnered appeal among consumers, as they make it easy to carry cards on the go, without the need for a traditional wallet.
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A MagSafe Wallet attaches magnetically to the back of an iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15. In this way, users can carry identification, credit cards, and other small items without having to carry a wallet.

MagSafe technology works by forming a ring of magnets around the device, allowing for easy attachment and disconnection of accessories. Additionally, our wallets feature built-in phone stands and protective encasements, which make them more than just cardholders. If you have an iPhone 12, 13, 14, or 15 then MagSafe Wallet is a must-have accessory.

The Benefits of Using MagSafe Wallet

As mentioned before MagSafe Wallets magnetically attach to iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15. Using this method, users can carry identification, credit cards, and other small items without carrying wallets.

The MagSafe technology forms a ring of magnets around the device, making it easy to attach and disconnect accessories. Moreover, our wallets have built-in phone stands and protective encasements, so they're more than just cardholders. MagSafe Wallet is a must-have accessory for iPhone 12, 13, 14, or 15 users. 

MagSafe wallet is a convenient and useful accessory for iPhone users. With its magnetic attachment, it makes it simple to carry credit cards, ID cards, and other important cards without needing a separate wallet. This device attaches to the phone, allowing you to use your cards without taking them out of your wallet, making it faster and easier to use.

Its thin and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or bag without adding extra bulk to your phone.

MagSafe wallets keep cards together, preventing them from being lost or damaged, and provide an additional layer of protection. Magnetics and the cover keep the cards securely in place, protecting them from scratches and other damage.

The MagSafe wallet allows you to keep your cards and ID handy while keeping them safe and protected. By keeping your cards in a wallet, you can easily access them when you need them without having to carry a separate wallet.

Our MagSafe Wallets also work as phone stands that can be beneficial for taking photos and videos as it allows for a stable and steady shot. A MOFT MagSafe Wallet with a phone stand can be especially useful for live streaming, vlogging, and recording video calls. MagSafe Wallet also offer an adjustable phone stand for recording, so that users can find the perfect angle to suit their needs.

On top of being functional, our MagSafe Wallets are stylish and can be a beautiful addition to your phone. MOFT MagSafe Wallets are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them an excellent addition to your phone.

Why Choose MOFT MagSafe Wallet

Convenience: MagSafe wallets enable users to carry their IDs and cards without carrying a traditional wallet. MOFT Wallets also boost the functionality of your iPhone by adding a phone stand feature. 

Security: MagSafe technology prevents cards or IDs from falling out of the wallet, reducing the chance of losing them.

Simplicity: We designed MagSafe wallets to be invisible when attached, unnoticeable when carried, and unfelt when worked on.

Compatibility: The MOFT snap-on MagSafe enhanced wallet works with iPhone 12 and newer, and it can be used with MagSafe cases and MagSafe charging cases.

Aesthetics: Our MagSafe-enhanced Wallets are designed to match the colors and finishes of the iPhone, with a sleek, minimalist style. Compared to classic wallets, our MagSafe Wallets are more than 50% thinner.

Cost-effective: A MOFT MagSafe Wallet takes up half the space of a traditional leather wallet and costs half as much. We also offer MagSafe wallets at half the price of other MagSafe wallet retailers.

Eco-friendly: MagSafe wallets are made from eco-friendly and high-quality materials that are smooth to the touch and extremely durable. The MagSafe wallets we offer are made of eco-friendly materials, reducing their environmental footprint and impact.

Functionality: MOFT MagSafe Wallets have additional features that can enhance the functionality of your phone, including a phone stand, charging function, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MagSafe? 

Apple Inc. uses the Magsafe brand name to describe a proprietary magnet-based charging and connection system on certain models of its devices, including iPhones and MacBooks. Several magnets are integrated into the charger and the device to hold the connector in place, facilitating the connection and disconnection of the devices. MagSafe technology was introduced in the iPhone 12 series, which was announced in 2020. 

Are MagSafe wallets safe? 

MagSafe wallets are compatible with Apple devices. Designed to be secure and stable, they attach to the back of an iPhone or other device using the same magnets as the MagSafe charging system. 

Does wireless charging work through MagSafe wallet? 

No, MOFT MagSafe wallet doesn't support wireless charging, so we recommend removing the wallet before wireless charging. 

Do MagSafe wallets fall off? 

Despite the fact that MagSafe wallets are designed to be secure and stable when attached to compatible devices, there is always the possibility of them falling off in some circumstances. If the wallet is not properly aligned on the device, or if the magnets in the wallet or device aren't working properly, it may not remain securely attached. Keeping the wallet aligned on the device and the magnets clean and free of debris will prevent the MagSafe wallet from falling off. Additionally, don't put too many cards in the wallet, since it may become too heavy and fall out. 

How many cards can I fit in the MagSafe wallet? 

A MagSafe wallet can hold a different number of cards depending on the model. Most MOFT MagSafe wallet models can hold up to three cards, but that number may vary. If you add too many cards to a MagSafe wallet, the wallet may become too heavy and fall off, or it may be difficult to remove a card when needed. Therefore, don't overload the wallet with too many cards, since this may cause it to lose its grip on the phone, as well as making it difficult to remove the cards.