Let’s Ripple! A Night of Creators, Community, and Connections.

Let’s Ripple! A Night of Creators, Community, and Connections.

On March 30, 2024, MOFT had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural “Let’s Ripple” event, a dynamic evening that brought together a vibrant community of content creators in the heart of New York City!

Hosted by creators @filmwcolleen, @wherescalebshaw @woahpaolo and @byjeffreysun the event welcomed a diverse group of over 80 content creators, ranging from seasoned professionals to aspiring players eager to make their mark. The atmosphere was electric, with attendees mingling and forging new connections, including some who journeyed from out of state, and even as far as South America and Europe, to be part of this exciting occasion.

To kick off the evening, attendees engaged in a spirited icebreaker of Human Bingo that sparked lively conversations and plenty of networking, setting a welcoming tone for the event.

The evening progressed with remarks from the hosts and an introduction to MOFT through a captivating brand video. This set the stage for meaningful discussions among the creators, providing a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and mutual support and encouragement from within this community.

We caught up with co-hosts Colleen Yu (@filmwcolleen) and Jeffrey Sun @byjeffreysun to share some thoughts about the evening:

• What were your main takeaways from the open forum?
Colleen: "Leaving space for vulnerable conversations in a group full of ambitious creatives was one of the most inspiring and fulfilling thing of the year for me so far."
Jeffrey: "Most people's biggest blockers seem to be in their own head. Everyone needs a small push to get started and meeting in person was a great way to rub inspiration with each other. It was amazing to see it all come together and to see how necessary of a space it was."

• What's been the feedback?
Colleen: "Everyone's asking "when's the next event?" already and we've gotten so many DM's about how great the event was."
Jeffrey: "it felt like it satisfied an itch for community that many people needed! A lot of the attendees continued to hang out after the event and it was amazing to see the reception. Other creative communities have asked for in person meet ups and a lot of people hearing about the event after asking about the next one."

• What advice would you give your fellow creators?
Colleen "Always put community at the forefront of your goals and dreams because at the end of the day, humans are the ones driving change! The other advice is that you have to be your first believer/ investor
Jeffrey: "With whatever pursuit you're doing, there are intrinsic aspects of the journey (what you're learning about / skill you're building) that you need to find interesting / enjoyable outside of the end result. But whenever you do get that end result, ask for feedback and iterate often."

As the event concluded, the connections made and discussions held reflected the collaborative spirit and creative energy that define Let’s Ripple and the broader content creation landscape.

MOFT also had an exclusive display and invited guests to try out the new Creator Kit firsthand. From pros to novices and amateurs, the Phone Tripod Stand especially resonated with the guests who were impressed by the slim design and versatile functionality to enhance their creative process, especially while on the go. Guests commented that having the right gadgets and tools to meet their evolving needs is essential!

MOFT's participation underscored a commitment to inspire and empower the next generation of content creators on their unique journeys. Championing creativity and innovation within the digital community and beyond, we strive to make it possible for everyone to work and create anywhere!

Film Photography credit: Sarah Teng