6 Best Accessories For Tablet | MOFT

6 Best Accessories For Tablet | MOFT

Whether you're at home or outside, your tablet goes wherever you go. Having the right accessories will ensure you can sit back and enjoy. From reading and gaming to taking notes at work or school and streaming movies and TV shows, tablets serve a variety of functions.

There are a number of great tablet accessories that can enhance your experience and how you work and play on your tablet. Additionally, a number of top brands have also released new tablets, including Amazon, Apple's latest iPad Pro, and Samsung's Galaxy tablet. If you're upgrading your existing tablet or replacing an old one, we've rounded up the 6 Best Accessories For a Tablet by MOFT.

Why Use Tablet Accessories?

As a general rule, new accessories can enhance the functionality of the phone, enabling users to perform tasks they were previously unable to perform. There are a variety of reasons why someone might choose to use tablet accessories. Some common reasons include: 

  1. To protect the tablet: Cases and screen protectors can help to prevent damage to the tablet if it is dropped or scratched. A tablet is an expensive item, so surely you don't want it to be damaged or scratched.
  2. To improve functionality: Keyboard cases and stands can take your tablet experience to the next level. With MOFT tablet stands, snap folios, and wall mounts you can improve the functionality of your favorite gadget and make its use much more convenient.
  3. To enhance the user experience: Stands and mounts can make it more comfortable to use the tablet for long periods of time, while external speakers can improve the sound quality when watching movies or listening to music. Moreover, there are many accessories available that can add new features to a tablet, such as the ability to print, project images,

Overall, tablet accessories can help improve your tablet's convenience and functionality, and there are many options available to suit different needs and preferences. In order to ease your search for the best accessories for a tablet , we have compiled 6 best accessories that will definitely take your tablet experience to a whole new level.

Top 6 Accessories for Tablets

There are thousands of tablet accessories available to choose from, with many subcategories, and finding the right one can be challenging and costly. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 6 accessories for tablets by MOFT, so that you can choose a high-quality accessory for an affordable price.

Having found yourself here means it's time to upgrade your tablet game and add one of the best accessories on the market to your favorite gadget. Keep reading below and learn more about the best tablet accessories that are designed and created by MOFT.

1. Snap Tablet Stand

Best Tablet Accessories

Our Snap Tablet Stand has an unparalleled slim design when folded flat. Through its invisible design philosophy, MOFT's versatile viewing is unveiled with simple folds, enabling you to create and view content anywhere. You can switch the stand at any time for efficient workflow.

It snaps on and off the tablet using MOFT's Snap Tablet Sticker, which is one of the first members of MOFT's Snap System. This Snap Tablet Stand has 6 viewing modes in 2 orientations. This accessory is a handy companion on a daily basis because of its folding design, which makes it easy to access multiple viewing modes.

Compared to other tablet stands, this one is incredibly thin and takes up no space. When not in use, the stand can be folded flat like a sheet of paper, giving it the appearance of an invisible but stylish companion. It can easily slip on a bookshelf or in your everyday carrying bag.

2. Snap Float Stand

The Best Tablet Accessories

Using this foldaway Snap Float Stand, you can turn your tablet into a mobile monitor, a video call tool, or an e-reader and turn it flat when not in use. Through sturdy double hinges on its base, can float your tablet up to 3.15", helping you get rid of that pesky neck pain.

This Snap Float Stand actually turns your small tablet into a mini laptop. As a result of this revolutionary design, you can work productively with one more monitor at the same level in any environment. By using the magnetic sticker, it snaps onto your tablet and easily snaps off when you want to switch to other tools. Our Snap Float Stand is compatible with 7.9"-12.9" tablets. Rooted in the innovative design of the MOFT Float Stand, it features magnetic connectivity to support most tablets and literally all iPads. The compact design fits flush on any iPad or tablet, so you can have it with you at all times!

3. Snap Float Folio for iPads

Best Accessory for Tablet

Introducing the only Folio that floats on the go. Watch your favorite series or work marathons of hours or class sessions without worrying about your neck stiffening up, thanks to this Snap Float Folio. Floating at two heights, the Snap Float Folio magnetically attaches to the iPad for a mobile office or dual-screen setup wherever you like to work, at home, at the park, etc.

This tablet stand folds into the perfect angle that you are looking for, reducing fatigue and cramping so you can focus on your creativity. Besides floating high, it frees up your desk space for paperwork or a keyboard for the most productive workstation.

Folio not only protects your iPad's front screen and back, but it's also made from a premium faux vegan leather texture that's soft to the touch and scratch-resistant. Shape-shifting Folio continues our origami-inspired design philosophy.

4. Wall Stand & Snap Pad

Tablet Accessories Best

Our Wall Stand & Snap Pad for tablets is a one-piece design that simplifies your daily routine. Use your tablet wherever you desire without taking up space. Adding a sticker is all it takes to turn your wall into a mini TV. It doesn't require screws or nails. You can use most mid-sized and large tablets with our tablet Wall Stand, which holds up to 2.8 lbs.

MOFT Wall Stand folds flat when you are finished using it, so it won't be noticeable, and its symmetric fold lines make it a wonderful interior design piece. Designed with a golden-ratio fiberglass structure, it provides solid support for any tablet. This will allow you to concentrate on the tasks that are right in front of you. Our strong adhesive sticker can be re-attached up to 30 times without leaving a mark on your wall. Relocate it to any corner whenever you want.

5. Snap Case For iPad Mini

Best tablet Accessory

Ipads are expensive, so making sure they are protected from scratches should be your top priority. Snap Case for iPads is a must when it comes to protecting your newly bought iPad. Its sleek design and ability to seamlessly connect to the Magic/Smart Keyboard makes it a perfect companion for any iPad. The keyboard closes seamlessly thanks to the open-edge design on its side.

A built-in pencil holder supports charging the Apple Pencil 2. There is a cut-out on the back for easy access to the pencil when inspiration strikes. The vegan leather back of this Snap Case helps to prevent your iPad from flying out of hand and adds a layer of protection from scratches without adding bulk. Our magnetic snap stands go perfectly with it. Access to a variety of viewing angles. Pair your iPad Pro with our Snap Stands for a truly immersive experience. It's easy to write, read, and browse anywhere with a snap.

6. Apple Pencil Holder

The Best Accessories for Tablet
Introducing magnetic Pen-pal for your iPad. Besides keeping your pencil attached, this Apple Pencil Holder is reinforced magnet that also provides effective protection for the pencil tip & body. Charge your pen while you're on the go. This Apple Pencil Holder provides easy charge, storage, and full protection of your Apple pen from head to toe.

Wrap Up!

To sum up, new tablets come with many new features, and pairing it with some different accessories can enhance your overall experience and increase the functionality of your tablet. Using these accessories can increase productivity, protect your tablet, and find out new ways to use your favorite gadget. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right combination of accessories.

If you just bought your new tablet, or you are just looking for accessories to enhance your old one, you've come to the right place. MOFT offers various tablet and iPad accessories that can enhance your productivity and efficiency and add style to your favorite gadget. Shop for the best Tablet and iPad Accessories at MOFT.