Snap Float Stand For Tablets MD003M
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand For Tablets MD003M
Snap Float Stand For Tablets MD003M
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand MOFT
Snap Float Stand MOFT

Snap Float Stand


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Shipping Note: Only available for US shipping. 

A float stand with adjustable angle & height. 
(Magnetic to switch with other accessories.)

  • Palm-sized, 8 oz weight.
  • Up to 3.15 in of height adjustment, and 130° of angle adjustment.
  • Comes with a Snap Tablet Sticker (Not repositionable) for magnetic attachment
  • Compatible Model: 7.9"-12.9" iPads
  • For other tablet users, please note that the magnets in the stand may affect pen interactions. 
  • Click here to buy more Snap Tablet Sticker.


Product Specifications

[Snap Float Stand] Dimensions: 6.4*4.5 in/161.5*115.5 mm
Thickness: 0.4 in/9.1 mm
Weight: 8.2 oz/233 g
Material: Silicone, Fiberglass, PC, Aluminum Alloy, Magnets, Metal Sheets
[Snap Tablet Sticker] Dimensions: 4.3*4.3*0.03 in / 110*110*0.65 mm


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Q: Is the Snap Tablet Sticker?
A: No, the Snap Tablet Sticker is not reusable.

Q: Do I need to reapply the sticker for the Float Stand to change orientation?
A: No, after following the instruction to apply the sticker correctly, the Float Stand will be ready for various configurations, be it Horizontally Floating, Vertically Floating, Portrait or Landscape Modes.

Q: Does the Snap Float Stand work well with other cases for iPad mini 6?
A: Yes, it also works with cases other than our Snap Tablet Case for iPad mini 6, and a Snap Tablet Sticker will be needed.

Q: Can I place the Snap Tablet Sticker directly on the iPad, then place a shell/case on top and the Snap Float Stand will snap through the back shell?
A: No, the Snap Tablet Stand won't snap through the back shell/case, so if you use it on an iPad with a case on, we recommend placing the Snap Tablet Sticker on the shell/case.

Palm-sized Stand with Adjustable Angle & Height

Through solid patented double hinges on its base, it "floats" your iPad up to 3.15" high. Get rid of that pesky neck pain once and for all.

Built for Every iPad

Inherited from the double-hinge design of MOFT Float Stand & Case, MOFT Snap Float Stand features magnetic connectivity to support all iPad models.

Stands Your iPad as a 2nd Display on Any Surface

The palm-sized screen estate in any environment, so you can work productively with one more monitor at the same level.

Versatile Viewing

Video Call



Neat Desktop Setup

With sleek lines, it blends in with the ipad for a zen desk space and neatly tucks away in a bookshelf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Suria Prakash
Best Portable Tablet stand ever

Definitely an upgrade from the Moft float case YouTube video placeholder
Micah C.
Solid idea, and yet...

The stand itself is brilliantly made. Plastic weighted base that adds heft to a device but itself isn't heavy. Metal plates linked extremely stable in a simple hinge that opens and closes smoothly but with enough tension you know it's not going to fold on itself. The magnet stickers work well and add well on almost any tablet...

...that is if the size and weight is low enough. The FAQ is right concerning the iPad Pro 13.9", regardless of year, the device HAS to be caseless. Which is a big ask for a large device that is vulnerable and over $1,000 retail. If you have a smaller iPad Pro (the 10/11 one), Air, Mini or regular model, this works without issue. But an iPad Pro in a case is a bridge too far for the magnet sticker, it will detach magnetically if sufficient weight makes it drift apart. iPad Pro owners, take the advice: if you have an ABS plastic case named after a river mammal or other sufficiently heavy protective case, you may want a different answer.

The knocked off star isn't for that, though. I can't fault a company for that if they disclose it in documentation, and Moft does in the FAQ of the product.

The issue I have with the float stand is the same as the Magic Keyboard stand, any 2 in 1 laptop hinge, and any other tablet stand that folds. In marketing materials, there's videos and photos of folks drawing on these devices, but engineering-wise, they never show the "wobble" that occurs if you actually try it. Specific to this stand, putting an Apple Pencil to the screen while attached, and the stand will start to rock back and forth. This is a matter of physics, as your displacing the weight of the device, and when you let up, it reflexively wants to spring back. I have yet to see a folding stand that actually solves this problem with only a single arm or plane of contact between the device and desk. And this one doesn't either. You can 'tent' the stand to have the bottom of the tablet contact the desk and the stand support at an angle, but again, in the iPad Pro 13.9" scenario, it can't be in a case. Even with the tent form, the magnet sticker can't hold that weight. I'm lucky I did this on a lap-held desk in a bedroom, when it fell, it didn't go to the floor.

That being said, I'm very happy with the stand. I do have another tablet it works great with: I have a sticker on the back of a Lenovo Chromebook Duet (far lighter by comparison, imagine a cheaper iPad Mini) and I'm happy to say it works handsomely. Not only does it hold well, but when done, the canvas cover that comes with the Duet magnetically connects over the sticker when finished. This works brilliantly for some other tablet devices, even if Moft can't state a compatibility list (Completely fair, as so many depend on magnetic contact with a case lid to activate sleep mode. Put a fridge magnet on the bezel of your iPad if you don't believe me.) I'm still very happy with the purchase, and do use it on a daily basis.

Snap float stand

I just received my my stand and i love it. It’s not loose , but the stiffness i actually like, lets me know its great quality and will hold up. For a while.


I purchased several items from moft at the same time, this is the only one I do not regret. I use it with my iPad mini 6, and it’s very convenient to use at a desk or couch.

Nigella Simms
Versatile for multiple use

Very adjustable, you can elevate and rotate the tablet to work on with a bluetooth keyboard. It's also a great solution for retail settings. The landscape mode makes it easy to flip forward the customer for an approval. It's an ingenious compact folding design.

Nice design for a fully-functional second display

I have it for my 10.2 inch ipad and love this beautiful stand because I am a fan of sexy designs. It goes with my home desktop setup, and is very useful when I use sidecar with a Macbook pro.

Eliott E.
Finally, a universal float stand

Kept on waiting for a universal version of the Float Stand and order this right after it's released. The ability to set the screen angle works well for workflow. The size and magnetic attachment are perfect for trips.