Do You Need a MagSafe Case for Wireless Charging | MOFT

Do You Need a MagSafe Case for Wireless Charging | MOFT

  • By levan apkhaidze
  • Dec 06

In high-end and mid-range smartphones, wireless charging has become a standard and is slowly gaining traction in the mainstream market. Moreover, wireless charging is extending to other gadgets in addition to smartphones. Although it is just another way to charge the device, there are many reasons you should consider buying it. Nevertheless, your phone case can be your biggest enemy when it comes to wireless charging.

Having a protective case on your iPhone is essential for keeping it safe and functional, but a traditional case may prevent you from using wireless charging and other MagSafe accessories. In order to make sure that your phone case can work with the wireless charger, you need to ensure that it's compatible with MagSafe. The purpose of this article is to explain what MagSafe case is and to answer your question; Do you need a MagSafe case for wireless charging?

What is a MagSafe Case

Does Wireless Charger Work with MagSafe Case

Perhaps you've heard of MagSafe before, and you're right. Prior to switching to USB-C, Apple used this name for its MacBook charging system. At that time, MagSafe was not a wireless technology. Designed to snap on and off quickly, the MagSafe allowed users to easily charge their MacBooks. As a result of having the charger secured by a magnet, accidents would be less likely to break the laptop. MagSafe for iPhone, however, is a bit different.

Wireless charging is a standard for MagSafe, but it can be used for more than just charging. There are literally thousands of different phone accessories and gadgets that can be attached to a MagSafe case making your phone much more convenient and elegant. 

MagSafe Case: How Does It Work?

The MagSafe system includes a series of magnets placed around the internal charging coil of the new iPhone. They sense other MagSafe-compatible accessories and snap seamlessly into place. You won't have to worry about other magnets interfering with or sticking to your phone because MagSafe only attaches to compatible MagSafe accessories.

This allows for a faster charging time and a more efficient way to transfer power. MagSafe magnets also have other uses; you can attach MagSafe accessories to your iPhone, such as cases and wallets, which remain firmly attached to the phone.

Benefits Of Using MagSafe Case

What is MagSafe

MagSafe cases offer several benefits. First of all, with the magnet, you won't have to worry about fumbling with cords or plugs again. Additionally, MagSafe provides faster charging than standard wireless charging. The magnets make sure that the coils in the case and phone are perfectly aligned, resulting in an efficient power transfer. And finally, MagSafe cases are also more secure than other wireless charging cases and allow you to use your phone more conveniently.

As mentioned before, there are literally thousands of different MagSafe Enhanced phone accessories and gadgets that can be attached to MagSafe case, making your phone much more convenient and elegant, such as the MagSafe enhanced battery pack, which is perfect for people who are always on the go and need their phone to be charged at all times.

Does Magsafe Work Through Cases?

A phone case ensures that your phone maintains its original design and functionality. You may, however, have difficulty connecting your phone with wireless chargers and MagSafe accessories if you use cheap or old thick cases. Any slim silicone or plastic case can do the work when it comes to wireless charging. But remember to avoid thick cases, as they won't be able to transmit electricity to your phone, resulting in a very slow charging.

To answer your question about whether you need a MagSafe case for wireless charging or not; the answer is no. In spite of that, MagSafe enhanced cases charge your phone much faster than regular cases and offer a number of benefits that we discussed above. They also enable you to use external MagSafe accessories like the wireless charger, snap wallet, or snap laptop phone holder.

Do You Really Need a MagSafe Case?

Having learned how MagSafe cases work and the benefits they offer, you may be wondering whether you should buy one or not. In the end, it comes down to your personal preferences and needs. The MagSafe case is a great option if you are looking for a fast, efficient, and secure way to charge your iPhone 12 (or higher newer models). However, standard wireless charging cases may be sufficient if you're not concerned about speed or security.

In conclusion, MagSafe cases are an innovative and convenient way to keep your iPhone charged, and you should definitely check it out if you are not using one. If you are still unsure if you need it, don't worry; we are here to help you find the perfect iPhone case and suggest MagSafe accessories you can use with a MagSafe-enhanced case.

MOFT iPhone Snap Case

Does Wireless Charging Work with a MagSafe Case

Our MagSafe Enhanced Snap Case uses a multilayer in-mold decoration technique for a fade-resistant color. Its clear edges allow you to showcase your unique style in a casual way. A built-in magnet ensures secure stacking of MagSafe accessories. Attach accessories like our Snap-on Stand & Wallet or Snap Battery Pack for maximum efficiency.

This MOFT's Snap Case supports wireless charging, so you can mount and charge your phone without any hassle of taking a case on and off. With a grippy side and impact-resistant back, this phone case can withstand a variety of drops while still being comfortable to hold. There are three colors to choose from. To match your diverse style throughout the day, there are white and black options as well as clear and yellow resistance coatings.

MagSafe Enhanced Case Compatible Accessories


MOFT Snap-on Phone Stand

What is MagSafe Case

The MOFT Snap-On employs dual magnets to attach securely to the latest iPhones. Its precise fold design makes it intuitive and flexible to use. It can be snapped on, stood up, and folded back down again. Unfold the hidden wallet to easily access your cards without having to remove your phone. It securely holds up to 3 cards, such as a credit card, transit card, or driver's license.

The soft vegan leather not only feels smooth to the touch but is also eco-friendly. At half the cost of most phone wallets, it’s the most accessible and ideal way to interact with your phone. Experience the iPhone hands-free from every corner of your home with MOFT’s Wall Sticker Pads which can attach to any surface to transform your phone into an exercise, bath time, or cooking companion.

MOFT Flash Wallet & Stand

Do You Need a MagSafe Case

This all-in-one Bi-fold MagSafe Wallet & Stand is a phone accessory that everyone needs! This MagSafe compatible Wallet & Stand is a perfect companion for your phone and gives you quick access way your card or cash money. This wallet enables you to make a contactless payment or get through a security door without a hassle.

It also features an open ID window to clearly display your credentials when you need it. Our flash wallet is 50% slimmer than classic wallets; it houses 2 essential cards with a full-covered back; So, no more bulk to designer jeans pockets. Crafted with premium vegan leather and polished edges, it stays strong and smooth for a long time.

MOFT Snap Battery Pack

what is a MagSafe Case

This palm-sized battery pack stores juice for your phone but is lighter than most battery packs and slides into your pocket without fuss. Magnetic connections on the back make it possible to use with other MagSafe accessories simultaneously, enabling you to create an everyday carry solution that fits your lifestyle.

With its soft vegan leather and comfortable edges, it complements the sleek design of your phone perfectly. Its pass-through charging design prioritizes charging your phone. You can use one USB-C cable to connect to your laptops, allowing you to live off one cable all the time. The USB-C cable has a breakaway magnetic tip, so there is no fumbling around to plug it in, saving time and effort in your daily routine.

Warp Up!

Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether you need a MagSafe case for wireless charging is no. However, standard wireless charging cases may be sufficient if you're not concerned about speed or security. There are a lot of benefits that come with MagSafe Enhanced cases besides fast wireless charging, such as the ability to use external MagSafe accessories, such as the wireless charger, snap wallet, or iPhone laptop holder. In conclusion, MagSafe cases are an innovative and convenient way to keep your iPhone charged, and you should definitely check it out if you are not using one.