MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 13 & iPhone 12Series Magsafe Wallet Compatible

World's 1st MagSafe® compatible stand & wallet, bringing a whole new experience to your iPhone 13 & iPhone 12 with this premium Magsafe Wallet made from vegan leather.

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"Apple’s MagSafe wallet now has competition that’s cheaper and packs more features" - The Verge

"MOFT rivals Apple's own MagSafe wallet with far more functionality" - AppleInsider

"Third-party MagSafe wallet includes Magic Keyboard-style floating kickstand" - 9To5Mac

"We're Finally Starting to See Some Great MagSafe Accessories, but They're Not Coming from Apple" - GIZMODO

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Coexistence of Flexibility and Freedom

Snap-on in a blink, Stand, and Fold

Expanding on the popular MOFT X classic phone stand, the new MOFT Snap-On Stand & Wallet employs strong dual magnets to attach securely to iPhone 12 series and beyond. The folding design allows for intuitive and flexible usage - simply snap it on, stand it up and fold it back into place. A powerful new MagSafe vegan leather wallet assistant in your gadget life.

Classic portrait and landscape modes

A new way to make your phone stand up

Three viewing modes - Portrait, Landscape, and the new Floating mode - enable you to look at your phone screen in the most comfortable way with this functional and design MagSafe wallet, whether you’re browsing the web in portrait, streaming in the landscape, or having a zoom meeting in floating.

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Combo with MOFT Magnetic Sticky Pad

Snap-Snap everywhere

The double-sided magnet design allows you to snap your phone on anywhere you like. The magnetic strength comes from 16 small built-in magnets. So you can experience the iPhone hands-free from every corner of your home with MOFT’s Magnetic Sticky Pads which can snap on any surface to transform your phone into an exercise, bath time, or cooking companion.

Small and convenient iphone wallet

A mere 5mm thin, 3-card holder

At 5mm/0.15in thinness, this iPhone MagSafe Wallet there’s still room for up to three cards while staying flat and snug without extra bulk, an elegant and functional design.

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Absolute freedom

Instant removal, uninterrupted enjoyment

Total freedom with effortless detachment. This iPhone Wallet is seamlessly layering with the MagSafe Charger for uninterrupted charging while viewing content, streaming a movie, or doing a video call.

Universal Compatibility for iPhone 12, 13 & 14

MagSafe Compatibility

Works with iPhone 12 series including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max It can also be snapped to any Apple-certified MagSafe phone cases and other accessories and of course working for the next generation of iPhone 13.

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Premium and Eco-tanned leather

Vegan leather and a steal at its price

Soft vegan leather not only feels smooth to touch but also is environmentally sustainable. At half the cost of most phone wallets, it’s the most accessible way to perfect the way you interact with your phone. The wallet is available in four classic colors that never go out of style including Night Black, Sienna Brown, Oxford Blue, and Grey.

Burden-free technology and optimized convenience

Unseen, Unnoticed and Unfelt

Continuing MOFT’s invisible design philosophy the slim MOFT Snap-on wallet is unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried, taking your phone experience a gigantic leap forward with no burden to your style of life with this functional MagSafe wallet.

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