MOFT Stand - Universal Version
MOFT Stand - Universal Version
MOFT Stand - Universal Version
MOFT Stand - Universal Version
MOFT Stand - Universal Version

MOFT Stand - Universal Version

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1/Regional DHL express service available now! Please check your availability during checkout :) More countries would be available soon.

2/Royal Mail service available for the United Kingdom now!

Estimated Time Efficiency: 3-5 days' delivery in general. Some countries in the Middle East or Europe might take up to 1 week. 

Dimensions: 180 * 250 * 3 mm

Character: Non-adhesive

Height Adjustment: 2 or 3 inches

Weight: 160 g/ 5.6 oz

Material: PU, Fiberglass

Compatible Models: Universal

Why did we create MOFT Universal?

The laptop has offered us the maximum flexibility to work anywhere, but it also leads to shoulder pain and diminished comfort. Disappointed by the bulky laptop stands on the market, we set out to make the MOFT invisible laptop stand, which is lightweight, portable, convenient, patented and feels “invisible”.

That’s about our adhesive MOFT stand, which raised over USD $1 million from over 50k backers on crowdfunding platforms worldwide. A huge success indeed, but we didn’t stop there. With the help of our awesome users, we’ve developed the Universal version in response to the market. The Universal version with perforated surface is compatible with more laptop models for better cooling, and can be folded and stored in 10 seconds as well.


Meet MOFT, a brand-new solution that outshines all other laptop stands! It is portable, invisible, versatile, ergonomic, and ticks all your boxes.

---Important Notice---

This Universal version of MOFT stand does not adhere to the back of your laptop, so its setup is not as fast as the adhesive one, but it’s still as easy as pie. Please check the dimensions of each stand before you buy.

Work & move freely

Weighing a mere 5.6 oz and only 1/9” thick, MOFT is light as a pen and slim as a coin. It’s perfect for mobile working. 

Holds up to 30 lbs, fits up to 17'' laptops

Constructed with special PU and fiberglass material, the MOFT Laptop Stand is strong and stable enough to hold up to 30 lbs.

Easy Sharing and Storage

Without the adhesive, MOFT universal can easily be shared between workmates at a conference meeting. When not in use, it can hide itself among your office files without taking any extra space.

Dual-angle adjustment, healthy posture

MOFT is equipped with two elevation adjustments, so that you can easily find your ideal height and posture: the high setting (3-inches) is perfect for a sitting posture, and the low setting (3-inches) is great for a standing posture. This flexibility helps prevent neck and shoulder pain while looking at the screen.

Important notice

➤ Please CHECK your laptop models before purchase, to avoid expensive and long exchanging process. The MOFT Stand (universal) is NON-adhesive and compatible with a wide range of laptops up to 17”.


1. What kind of laptop does MOFT Universal support?

MOFT Universal version supports laptops with ventilation on the backside. However, the center of the backside should be flat & no protrusible objects.

2. Will my laptop slip off the MOFT universal?

The hexagon surface texture, which is capable of generating about twice the friction of its technical competitors, prevents your laptop from slipping off. In addition, MOFT Universal comes with a larger contact surface to offer even more friction.

If your laptop happens to be one of them, you may consider the universal (non-adhesive)version.

3. How long it will take to get my MOFT?

All orders are ready to ship in 1-3 days. US domestic shipping takes about 5-9 business days depending on the delivery location. China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan shipping takes about 7 days. International shipping takes 2-3 weeks because of customs processing. All delivery dates provided by the postal service are estimates not guarantees.

Thin as it is, MOFT stand holds up to 18 lbs thanks to its sturdy material and scientifically engineered structure. It offers low/high lifting mode that elevates 2 or 3 inches of your screen position.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Perfect for me

Very practical for everyday work. It's a must for every laptop owner. I got 1 for my 13" MacBook and 1 universal for my 14" windows laptop. Both of them work great.


Very practical and light stand for my computer.
Loving it ...

Nice compact stand but had delivery issues

The universal stand itself was nice and compact. - great for slipping into a laptop bag. When the stand is not in use it and flat also makes a great mouse pad. Our issue was with the shipping/delivery process to Canada. We almost did not receive our shipment as our shipping address did not make it into the Canada Post system. We almost thought it was stolen since it was marked as delivered on the tracking system, but we had not yet received it. Lucky the package was eventually found by our mail delivery person.

Smart well-designed product!

As usual with these kind of purchases, I was keeping my expectations moderate but even so: I am delighted with the stand, it really does work very well, is extremely thin and light-weight which is vital for travel but at the same time intriguingly strong. Nice one!

It's so thin!

The stand is amazingly thin. It sits perfectly alongside my laptop in my go bag. This is a great addition to my travel gear. The lowest height is perfect for typing and it still brings it up enough for my eyes to see the screen beautifully.

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