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In a world where smartphones are becoming more and more integral to our lives, it is helpful to understand why we should use a phone stand. Globally, over 6.567 billion people use smartphones for a variety of purposes, including work, watching videos, navigation, social media, etc. According to recent studies, we spend about a third of our day on our phones without putting them down, which is more than 4 hours a day on average.

Cell phone stands can provide users with many benefits during their daily routines. The purpose of this article is to discuss five reasons why use a phone stand and some of its other benefits.

Phone Stands: What Are They?

Phone stands hold or mount mobile phones in/on a particular object to keep them clean, safe, and easier to use. The features of the phone stands determine whether they sit on a surface, mount on an object, or stick to the surface. These gadgets enable us to watch Netflix, talk on conference calls, browse the web, cook, and even watch videos without even holding the phone.

Benefits of Using a Phone Stand

Why Use Cellphone Stand

Extra Comfort

Holding the phone for a long time to watch a video can be exhausting. Meanwhile, the weight of a smartphone can reach 300 grams. Phone stands are great for topping your phone and giving your hand a break. At MOFT, we offer different types of cellphone stands; check out our online store and find the one that fits you best!

Increases Productivity

Phone stands allow us to work simultaneously on multiple devices and projects. You can attend meetings using the phone and work on the project on a different device. Boost productivity at the workplace with MOFT phone stands. Make our phone stand a powerful companion to your digital life.

Maintains Cleanliness

It is impossible to be productive in a messy workspace. However, scattered accessories like water bottles, headphones, notepads, pens, and smartphones are very common in every office. In order to organize everything in a perfect manner, we need special accessories like office phone stands. A phone stand allows you to place your phone in a visible location and easily reach it.

Why Use A Phone Stand

Best Cell Phone Holder for Desk

1. Travel Companion

Every time you enter an airport, an elevator crowded with people, or a hotel, you need to be able to access your phone instantly. Whether your boss needs an update or a client changes the meeting location, you can never be sure when you'll need your cell phone. Even if you travel, you can still use your cellphone for video calls anywhere with the right kind of phone stand. Furthermore, our phone stands have an ergonomic shape that allows the users to hold the phone comfortably. Additionally, it provides you with complete control over the device. The use of a phone stand during downtime or breaks is another advantage of having one while traveling. Whether in a hotel, airport, or airplane, phone stands are great for watching movies, reading, and watching videos.

2. Content Creation for Social Media

Creating content for a brand is the responsibility of everybody in the company, from social media influencers to small business owners to employees. The content needs to look awesome, whether it's on a business website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or TikTok. Consider your own reaction to the content that is shaky, blurry, and simply looks bad. People are likely to scroll past content and pay attention only to better-quality content.

Images and videos: You can create the best social media content with a cell phone stand. You won't have the awkward movement from shaking hands in the pictures and videos anymore. Use phone stands to improve the quality of the videos and photos you take.

Phone stands are perfect for selfies: It is also easier than ever to capture the perfect selfie with a phone stand. Taking selfies is an important form of self-expression for many influencers and other individuals. Rather than holding or angling the phone correctly, the cell phone stand does it all for us! Just set the timer and position the phone at the desired angle to take the perfect image that you want. No matter how many selfies you take, you can maintain the perfect angle that you choose.

3. Cooking and Meal Preparation

It is quite common that when cooking, we will still need access to our phones in order to check the recipe again or change the music we are listening to. The process of taking the phone out of pocket and unlocking it over and over again can create a huge mess. Cell phone stands make following cooking instructions or watching videos much easier. Also, you can place the phone in an area that is less likely to get contaminated with food when using a cellphone stand because the device will be less likely to be damaged by spills and water splashes.

4. Video Calls

Video calling has become an integral part of our lives. While this mode of communication was popular before the pandemic, quarantine increased the usage of video calling exponentially, especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns. But you might know that holding a phone for a long period of time without shaking can quickly become annoying. Cell phone stands help reduce the stress of holding a phone during long videos or conference calls. Video conferencing with colleagues and delegates is not like a video call with your family and friends. You cannot hold the phone in hand and interact with people while walking throughout the corridor. There must be a professional environment to execute these conferences smoothly. Here comes the role of an office phone stand. These stands are meant to provide adequate support and stability to a smartphone. Slide the phone inside its stand and use it as a multitasking device.

5. Phone Stands Come with Different Features

There are several types of cell phone stands, each with its own features and functionalities. Please take a look at our collection of phone stands and select the one that best suits your needs.

From wallet phone stands to phone stands with Snap Battery, these devices can do literally anything. Choosing the right phone stand will make your life much more comfortable without even noticing it.

Best Cell Phone Stands by MOFT

Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet

Why Use A Phone Stand

The MOFT Snap-On employs dual magnets to attach securely to the latest iPhones. The precise fold design allows for intuitive and flexible use - snap it on, stand it up and fold it back into place. The hidden wallet securely holds up to 3 cards, such as a credit card, transit card, or driver's license, for your everyday carry needs: Unfold to easily access your cards without the need to snap it off your phone. The soft vegan leather not only feels smooth to the touch but is also eco-friendly. At half the cost of most phone wallets, it's the most accessible and ideal way to interact with your phone. Experience the iPhone hands-free from every corner of your home with MOFT's Wall Sticker Pads which can attach to any surface to transform your phone into an exercise, bath time, or cooking companion.

Snap Phone Grip & Stand

Stand For Your Phone

The Snap Grip & Stand, a magnetic compact disc, flips out to be a secure holding or stand, making our everyday lives much easier. Its enhanced magnetic force makes it perfect for gripping large phones over 6" like iPhone 13 pro max. Film a concert or take selfies with MOFT phone stand, and have no more fear of accidental drops. Rooted in MOFT's invisible design philosophy, it folds flat in your phone pocket. To capture a moment in photography on the road, slip it out right before the moment fleets.

Flash Wallet & Stand

Benefits of Phone Stand

This MagSafe compatible Wallet & Stand is a modern companion for your tech and a quick access way to use your card. To make the contactless payment or get through a secure door, swipe through the scanner in one go. This phone stand features an open ID window to clearly display your credentials when you need it. This stand is 50% slimmer than classic wallets, and it houses two essential cards with a full-covered back. Crafted with premium vegan leather and polished edges, it stays strong and smooth for a long time of daily use. Cleverly, this design is just 3/32 of an inch (2.3 mm) thicker than Apple's Leather MagSafe Wallet, with the MOFT Flash offering super handy stand functionality.

Wrap Up!

The purpose of a cell phone stand is much more than just holding your phone. Using it, you can conduct remote work and business travel activities without compromising the quality of your work. This device lets users capture clear videos and images for sharing on social media or for sending to family and friends. MOFT offers a variety of cell phone stands, enabling users to choose the stand that best suits their needs. Visit our collection and shop for the best phone stands on the market.