Snap Laptop Phone Holder - MagSafe Compatible For Laptops MS021 Gray Flip Laptop iPhone Mount
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder MOFT
Snap Laptop Phone Holder - MagSafe Compatible For Laptops MS021 Black Flip Laptop iPhone Mount

Snap Laptop Phone Holder - MagSafe Compatible


Color: Black


Version: Flip Laptop iPhone Mount

Flip Laptop iPhone Mount

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Flexibility Anywhere In Seconds

  • Top mount for streaming
  • Side mount for data monitoring & language interpretation on your phone
  • Unfelt when carried, folds out in a second
    Product Features

    Black, Gray


    Flip Laptop iPhone Mount

    Product Specifications

    Snap Laptop Phone Holder
    Dimensions: 5.5*2.4*0.17 in/140*60*4.2 mm
    Weight: 2.2 oz/62.5 g 
    Materials: Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Metal sheets, PC, Removable adhesive

     Mini Pad
    Dimensions: 2.4*2.4 in/60*60 mm

     Snap Phone Sticker
    Diameter: 2 in/ 55 mm
    Materials: Rubber, Magnetic powder


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    Can it be attached to uneven or curved laptop surface?
    No, we're afraid the holder can't attach well to the uneven or curved laptop surface.
    we recommend attaching it to a laptop with a smooth, flat back.

    Can it be used on phones with a case or MOFT X Phone Stand & Wallet?It can be used on phones with non-rubberized cases like TPU, PC cases or Phone Stand & Wallet.

    Can the holder be reused?
    The holder's adhesive can be reapplied up to 5 times. Between the resticks, it will need 8 hrs for the adhesive to reach its maximum effectiveness.

     How can the mini pad along with the holder be used?
    It can be used as a paper holder for typing of notes or magnetically attach papers on the laptop surface when on the go. 

    Will the angle of the laptop screen be limited?
    Yes, when the laptop screen is at an angle >100°, the laptop phone holder might not work because the gravity of the laptop screen will be at the rear. We recommend using it with the Invisible Laptop Stand (esp. when it’s used as a top side phone holder).

    Limited Space, Unlimited Productivity

    Remember that ride on the commuter train, when you had your phone on your laptop screen to work on both? The MOFT Snap Laptop Phone Holder features remarkably easy setup, changing the game to level up your mobile working.


    Extend Your Screen In A Flash

    The holder unfolds with a flip. Equally magical, it is sturdy enough to bear your work in mind, and fold away out of sight when work is done.


    Instant Snap On To View, Snap Off To Text

    With its swift, intuitive attachment, it renders your work style flexible: snap your phone on it for dual-screen setup, off for texting anytime.

    Work Smartly, Accomplish Efficiently

    Video Conferencing


    Video Calling


    Transcribing Notes Made Effortless

    It can hold a couple sheets of paper in perfect view. Simply clip documents to type. No more continually looking down and up.


    Snap On Any Phone

    Comes with a Snap Phone Sticker as a connection point. It works like a charm with MagSafe on iPhone 12/13 series and phones with the MOFT X Phone Stand & Wallet.


    Easy On, Easy Off

    Made from vegan leather and reusable adhesive, it’s smooth to the touch, and the best part is, it never leaves laptops with a single trace of scratch or residue.


    Space Saving Bundle

    With the adhesive Laptop Stand, you can simply go anywhere while feeling nothing. Together, they elevate dual screens, enabling you to take comfort in productivity on the go.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Tesla phone mount

    Modified and used to hold my phone under my screen in my Tesla Model 3. (cut to size and used stronger adhesive strips as the cars screen generates a lot of heat and would soften the factory adhesive over time) Folds away invisible and magnet is strong enough to hold phone over any bumps etc (if you have the right MagSafe case).

    Shen Chiu
    Work with ipad and MacBook

    The phone holder work with ipad series and the MacBook series, i saw there was a review saying that it wont work with the phone holder, which I personally is using the 13 mini. Work totally fine with me.

    Suggestion, 1) maybe can put the product photo on the website on the “what’s in the box” like how we see on apple store, it will make people easier to know what is actually in the box, because i was thought that i will get three of the phone holder, and didn’t know i will get a note pad.

    Great Product - Not Just For Laptops!

    Really great product that I have decided to use on my iPad stand as opposed to a laptop. It took me a couple of attempts to position it correctly and the attachment was still super strong.

    An added bonus I discovered is that a MagSafe charger will charge through the whole thing too.

    Love how it folds away out of sight when not in use.

    Another simple but great, well executed product by the guys at MOFT!

    It’s good when it works

    I’ve had mine for about a month or so and haven’t been using too much which makes it a little frustrating when I had my phone on at school the other day and I see it start to detach from my computer screen. I don’t know if mine is just a fluke but it’s detached twice and I’m really hoping it stays on.

    I like the look of it and how it keep my phone screen in view and not jumbled under paperwork on my desk.

    Very perfect

    Very perfect

    Great product but not working with iphone 13 MAX Pro

    Great quality, I would buy it again. But unfortunately, it would not work with the bigger phones like iPhone 13 max pro. Just not enough grip.

    Great addition to my iPad Pro

    When I first started using Snap Laptop Phone Holder attached to the right side of my iPad Pro + Apple Magic Keyboard, I was a little disappointed because when I added the phone to the Snap because it tilted ever-so-slightly off to the right, away from me, instead of straight ahead or slightly to the left, toward me. However, I recently realized that I can put my Moft Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet on my iPhone, and it makes the Snap Laptop Phone Holder work even better. It strengthens the magnetic connection AND points the phone's display straight ahead so I can forget about my OCD. 😁

    Hanley F.
    Just perfect

    Handy tool, it holds my phone with magnetic case sticks right beside my laptop, which makes my job easier. I can see my phone screen quickly especially when using my phone for audio translation during a bilingual meeting.

    Jed Parks
    Exactly what I expected

    Installing it just took several seconds. I like how convenient it is to fold it out and clip the phone on it without adding a sticker because my phone is an iphone 12.


    Great product. Just give it a try, and it held my phone with the adhesive wallet. I can glance at my phone screen while working on my laptop.