Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly) For Tablets MD014 iPad Pro 11" (1st/2nd/3rd/4th Gen.) & iPad Air (4th/5th Gen.)
Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly) MD014
Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly) MD014
Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly) MD014
Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly) For Tablets MD014
Snap iPad Case (New) MOFT
Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly) MD014

Snap Case For iPads (Magnetic-friendly)

The Ultimate Magic Keyboard & Apple Pencil Compatible Case

The new design compatible with the iPad Pro (2024) will be revealed by July. Stay tuned! 

      Size: iPad Pro 12.9" (5th/6th Gen.)

      iPad Pro 11" (1st/2nd/3rd/4th Gen.) & iPad Air (4th/5th Gen.)
      iPad Pro 12.9" (5th/6th Gen.)

      · Magic Keyboard/Smart Keyboard Compatible
      · Pencil slot for Apple Pencil 2
      · Snap on to MOFT Snap System
      · Vegan leather back panel for added grip

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      Product Features

      iPad Pro 11" (1st/2nd/3rd/4th Gen.) & iPad Air (4th/5th Gen.), iPad Pro 12.9" (5th/6th Gen.)

      Product Specifications

      [Snap Case 12.9"]Compatibility: iPad Pro 12.9" Gen 5/6
      Dimensions: 11*8.8*0.3 in/285*225*9 mm
      Weight: 5 oz/148.5 g
      [Snap Case 11"]Compatibility: iPad Air Gen 4/5, iPad 11" 1/2/3/4
      Dimensions: 9.8*5.7*0.3 in/250*185*9 mm
      Weight: 4 oz/148.5 g
      Material: PC, Vegan leather back panel, Metal sheets, Magnets, Fiberglass


      US Standard Shipping: 5-10 business day delivery.

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      Global Standard Shipping: 8-15 business day delivery. Some countries in Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America might take up to 15-25 business days.

      DHL Shipping: DHL is experiencing parcel volumes surge due to coronavirus crisis. It might take 7-10 more days before the system shows your order arrives in the destination country.

      Note for shipping to China: Type in Chinese if in China for shipping process.


      Will this fit a 3rd gen (2018) or 4th gen (2020) iPad Pro 12.9"?
      It can also work with the earlier iPad Pro 12.9" 2020 (Gen 4) which are thinner, but there will be slight extra space left, so we recommend only using it with the iPad Pro 12.9" 2021 (Gen 5).

      Will an Apple Magic Keyboard still close with the Snap iPad Case attached to the iPad?
      Yes! Our Snap Case seamlessly attaches to the keyboard so the keyboard closes perfectly whhen your iPad is protected by the case.

      What keyboards does the case connect to?
      The Snap Case connects to Apple's Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio.

      Does it works with Apple's Smart Folio case?
      No, it doesn't but it works with our Snap Float Folio

      Will the pencil charge while in the allocated spot on the case?
      Yes, the pencil charge while in the allocated spot on the case.

      Does it support Apple Pencil 1?
      No, the built-in pencil holder only supports Apple Pencil 2.

      What are the cut out (opposite of the pencil side) is for?
      The cut-out on the opposite of the pencil side is to make sure the Magic Keyboard can be closed seamlessly when the case is on the iPad.

      Smart Connector Pass-through Tech

      Protects After off Magic/Smart Keyboard

      The iPad case connects to Magic/Smart Keyboard, so your iPad is always protected. An open edge design on its side enables the keyboard to close seamlessly.

      Clip and Charge

      Pencil Always at Your Fingertips for Creation

      The case's built-in pencil holder supports Apple Pencil 2 charging. A cut-out on the back provides instant access to the pencil for your inspirational moments.

      Daily Protection

      Vegan Leather Resists Scratches

      The vegan leather back helps to prevent your iPad from flying out of hand and adds a layer of protection from scratches without adding bulk.

      Perfect Match with our Magnetic Snap Stands

      Access Versatile Viewing Angles in a Snap

      This case for iPad Pro takes your experience to the next level when paired with our Snap Stands. A snap makes it easier for you to write, read and browse anywhere.

      Bridge of the Snap System

      Protect After off Magic Keyboard

      Perfect Match for Writing


      Perfect Match for Viewing

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      MOFT iPad Case Review: Durable Protection with a Few Considerations (iPad air 5th Gen case)

      I purchased this case approximately a year and a half ago. As a current college student transitioning into grad school, I have found it to be highly durable. However, I encountered an issue with the backside that connects to my magic keyboard, responsible for charging the iPad. Unfortunately, after the year and a half mark, one of the three contact areas started to bulge, impeding the proper charging of my iPad. I want to note that I dropped my tablet twice, but both instances were on surfaces like my desk or carpet, resulting in no visible damage.

      Additionally, the bottom corners on the opposite side from where the Apple Pencil is placed broke off on both sides. It's important to mention that I owned the iPad Air, 5th generation. Despite these issues, I appreciate the case for safeguarding my Apple Pencil, and overall, I believe in the quality of MOFT products. However, it would be beneficial if they offered some form of warranty for situations like the malfunctioning charging assembly, as the case itself remains usable.

      In conclusion, I recommend this case, especially if you value the protection of your Apple Pencil. I'm personally opting to purchase this case again today. Good luck with your decision-making process, and happy hunting!

      Perfect addition

      The add-on I needed to stop exchanging from a simple case to the keyboard case. Not mentioning I finally feel comfortable in leaving the Pencil attached without fear of losing it in the process.
      Worked well with the Apple Smart Folio keyboard I had before buying the new Apple Magic keyboard, for which is even more suited.

      Good build quality feels quite premium

      The vegan leather style feels great and adds a premium quality feel. It won't easily slip from my hands when used independently of the keyboard. I am surprised this isn't from Apple!

      Denzil Jacobs

      Absolutely love it, it’s light and simple, keeps the apple pen and the iPad safe


      The case is exactly what I needed. It protects the edges, holds my Apple Pencil in place and works perfectly with the apple Magic Keyboard.

      Great product for 4th Gen, too!

      Works great with 4th Gen iPad Pro also to charge via Magic Keyboard

      Fantastic iPad Pro accessory

      A great accessory for the iPad Pro. Before having this case I didn't like disconnecting my iPad from the Magic Keyboard. I always felt like it would slip out of my hand. Now I'm more comfortable pulling the iPad from the Magic keyboard and the cherry on top is that it has an Apple Pencil holder. Great product design!


      I have used this everyday for about 6 months on my M1 iPad Pro. What I like: 1) give more grip to hold the iPad. 2) it works with the Magic Keyboard 3) it keeps the pencil from getting knocked off the iPad (i use my iPad daily in the office for note taking). The one thing I don’t like is removing the pencil. They could have made an easier design.

      I noticed that the pencil does not sit exactly in the center of the pencil slot. The magnets hold it to the left of the slot. If the pencil tip is to the left, the tip is almost against the case. So I learned this the hard way by using non-Apple pencil tips (I highly recommend the new PenTips), which are about 1mm longer than Apple’s tip. I was consistently putting my pencil into the case with the tip to the left. I noticed that the tip was warn through. When I looked closely at how the pencil sits in the case, the magnets were pushing the tip against case. So now I always put it in with the tip to the right side because I’m using PenTips (soft version). By the way PenTips are amazing for writing on the iPad. I no longer use/need PaperLike to get resistance in writing on the iPad. .

      Excellent product

      Does the job, looks and feels great.


      I bought this for two reasons. 1) call improve the grip while holding the iPad 2) preventing the Apple Pencil from being knocked off the iPad. This does both of those very well. For me it’s a personal preference in that. I don’t like how the iPad feels while holding it. It’s slippery and thin. I wanted more heft and grip to it while using it around the office. While the Apple pencil holder works very well, it needs to be modified a little in order to make it simpler for removing the Apple Pencil. The cut out on the back where you push the pencil out needs to be a little cut out on the top. Also not just the back or the top cut out entirely from the middle section.

      The surprising bonus is that it works with the Magic Keyboard perfectly fine