Lanyard For Phones MD002S White
Phone Lanyard For Phones MOFT
Lanyard For Phones MD002S
Lanyard For Phones MD002S
Phone Lanyard For Phones MOFT
Phone Lanyard For Phones MOFT


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Color: White


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*Note1: The lanyard requires a non-rubber coated phone/tablet case for attachment.

*Note2: The lanyard mount CAN NOT be removed or re-attached.

*Note3: For Snap-on Phone Stand users, the lanyard only works with it on iPhone 15/14/13/12 Pro Max and iPhone 14/15 Plus.

*Note4: It doesn't work with Flash Wallet due to its size.

Product Features


Product Specifications

Convenient access to your phone

Detachable, switchable and adjustable

Comes with a short strap and an extension strap

Compatible with all phones with a non-rubber coated phone case

Slim and compact


Wristlet strap: 12.6 in/320 mm

Cross-body length (Long strap + Wristlet strap): 22.4-53.9 in/570-1370 mm

Size: 63.2*17.2*10 mm/2.5*0.7*0.4 in

Material: PC, 3M adhesive, metal sheets, braided strap

Note: The lanyard requires a non-rubber coated phone case for attachment.


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Q: What's the capacity of the battery pack?
A: The charging capacity is 3400mAh. 

Q: What phones are compatible with the battery pack?
A: The battery pack works with iPhone 14/13/12 series that have MagSafe, including the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini.

Q: Can this be used when my phone is in a case?
A: It only charges through MagSafe compatible cases like Apple’s MagSafe cases and our MagSafe enhanced Snap Case, so you can’t use a regular case with it.

Q: If I use the MagSafe enhanced Snap Case and the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet filled with three cards, can I use this at the same time?
A: Yes, you can definitely use this with your Snap Case and Snap-on Stand & Wallet at the same time by attaching your stand & wallet to the battery pack. So you don’t have to remove your cards to wirelessly charge your phone.

Q: Does it come with an adapter? If not, is there any requirement for the adapter? 
A: Nope, but it comes with the USB-C charging cable with a breakaway magnetic tip. For the adapter, we suggest you do not to use the adapter with an output of 5V/1A or lower because it’s not compatible with the input of the battery pack and wouldn’t be able to charge your battery pack or wirelessly charge your iPhone properly.

Q: Does this have intelligent heat management?
A: Yes, there is NTC in the Snap Battery Pack to monitor the temperature change. The temperature range for normal charging is between -10 and 45°C. At temperatures higher than 45°C, the charging capacity will be reduced in half. At temperatures higher than 55°C or lower than -10°C, the battery pack will stop charging.

Q: Can I keep this with my phone all the time?
A: Yes, it has a power button on the side to turn off the battery pack, so you can keep this with your phone and begin charging when you need it.

Q: Can this charge my phone via power cord instead of magnetizing to the back of the phone?
A: Yes, it also charges phones via a cable with USB-C at one end.

Q: How do I charge this battery pack?
A: You can charge it when it’s stilled attached or detached from your phone. Plug the provided USB-C cable into a USB adapter and plug it into a wall outlet.

Q: Does the battery support pass-through charging?
A: Yes! Once you connect the battery pack to the charging cable, the battery pack will be recharged after your phone is fully charged.

Q: How long do I need to wait for the battery to be recharged?
A: It depends on how you charge it but normally, it takes 1.5-2h for the battery pack to be recharged from 0 to fully charged.

Q: Why do I feel it takes more time to charge my iPhone?
A: Positioning of your iPhone or phone case on your battery pack will affect the charging speed. When the device is properly aligned, the charging speed will be faster than the misaligned device.

Q: How can I know how much charge I have on the battery pack?
A: There are lights flashing during the charge for you to check the power level level (4 lights ≥75%, 3 lights = 50%-75%, 2 lights = 25%~50%, 1 light = 0%~25%).


One plus one is infinite productivity

The phone lanyard simply consists of a holder and two straps, yet thoughtfully designed to be powerful for you to instantly mount and release it, switch among various carry styles and stretch or shorten freely.


Quick start of your hands-free journey

Hands-free function makes your daily activities easier and more flexible. It takes a few seconds to attach, switch, and adjust through no-brainer steps, boosting your efficiency especially on busy days.


A new way to enjoy your tablet

On your way to the office or cafe, it keeps your tablet always secure by your side! Grab it anytime to browse or jot down ideas. And a simple twist frees the tablet for more grounded use.


Back to your original style

The lanyard is easily attachable and detachable. You’re only a 90° twist away to detach the straps to unwind and recharge from your days.


Convenient style for different scenarios

The short strap allows you to wear your phone as sling around your wrist when your hands are occupied with a cup of coffee and laptop. With the extension strap, wearing it cross body enables you to focus on the tasks at hand.


More secure than in your hands

To keep your phone securely tethered to you, you simply need to twist the end of the strap 90° to mount it on the locking metal holder. The patented design gives you peace of mind that your phone is secure until you detach it.


There’s always space for your other favorite accessories

Its slim and tiny body maintains the clean back of your phone, so if you have a 6.7" phone or larger like iPhone 12/13 Pro Max, you don’t have to compromise between the lanyard and various accessories like phone wallet and wireless charger.

Hands-free companion for your daily routine

It accompanies you from your first step outside. Come and go, easy and free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Strong adhesive but with alignment issues

I own a Moft case + pink Moft wallet/stand. iPhone 13 Pro Max.
I tried to be super careful with alignment & checked in advance to make sure there's enough space for the wallet.
Issue #1 - once the adhesive touches the case, it sticks! Like not even pressed down but it will completely adhere, so be SUPER careful where you first position it.
Issue #2 - the wallet only attaches in a certain position so there's a gap now, which causes my wallet to drop off a few times so I have to be extra careful of it (see pic). I don't know if I could have push the lanyard attachment any further down the phone case then I already did, so not sure if the issue is with the sizing or the magnet position within the wallet.

While it works really well, and being able to attach and detach quickly is great, there should be some sort of guide included to ensure correct alignment due to the issues listed above.

Great for walking, very sturdy

After I got it I realised I didn’t want the backing plate on my phone 24/7 as it is a little obtrusive, but I have decided to keep it on one of my cases which I use pretty much every day when I’m out walking (I switch out with another case). My husband was scared it wouldn’t stay but it’s very sturdy and safe and I have no problems letting it hang there whilst I am walking. It enables me to have my hands free but easy access if I need to read an email.

Almost perfect

The lanyard is very useful and practical. Looks very good. The only thing I disappointed is if you have an iPhone 13 (or a similar size or smaller) you can not use the lanyard with the wallet. The snap case does not allow to attach the wallet. The only size you can get both things is with the iphone Pro Max (or similar size). You can attach the wallet just for streaming mode. The other thing is the snap is to attach one time. Otherwise, it is an excellent accessory.

Walter Villanueva
cool looking

this product work very well. at first i was so scare to just let my phone hang from this lanyard. but little by little i was letting it go, and it works super good. no issues since i got it. thank you moft team


I like the ease of hanging a keychain on the strap when going out for a walk.

Convenient design

Gotta say it’s really fast to detach the strap. It takes only several seconds for me to detach the strap before passing through the security check, especially when I travel with a backpack.

Simple and quick to set up

It’s simple to release the strap to use, and attach it again.

Good for outgoing

It’s great for keeping the phone by the side on the road.

Many uses

I love its switch between the short and long strap. Sometimes I prefer to sling it in my bag. I don’t have to carry it in hand and still keep it within my reach!

Like its design

It’s by far the most clean and functional design I have seen. Works well with my Samsung and looks great on it. For a minimal phone lanyard, look no further!