Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015 Black
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015
Sit-stand Laptop Desk For Laptops MS015 Gray

Sit-stand Laptop Desk

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  • Sneak sit-stand switches on busy days with the MOFT Z
  • Unfolds a rich life: reading a good book, breaking a sweat...
  • Built for the work-life balance of mobile workers
  • Compatible Model: All laptops

Color: Black


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Product Features

Black, Gray

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 9.4"11"0.5 in/239*29*12.7 mm
Weight: 33.7 oz/960 g
Material: Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Magnets, Metal sheets
Height in use (when standing): 10 in/25 cm
Thiness (when folded): 0.5 in/1.3 cm


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How durable is the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk?
The Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk is made with high-quality materials and can support up to 22 pounds, ensuring it is durable and long-lasting.

Will my laptop fit on the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk?
The Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk is designed to be compatible with laptops up to 16 inches, and it also works well with tablets.

How adjustable is the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk?
The Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk offers five adjustable configurations, allowing you to find the perfect angle and height for your needs.

Is the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk stable?
Yes, the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk is designed to be stable and will not wobble or shake during use.

What is the weight capacity of the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk?
The Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk can support up to 22 pounds, making it suitable for most laptops and devices.

Is the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk easy to transport?
Yes, the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk is magazine-sized, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Is the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk ergonomic?
Yes, the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk is designed with ergonomics in mind, offering multiple adjustable angles to help reduce strain and improve comfort during use.

How easy is the Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk to assemble?
The Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk is easy to assemble without any tools needed, and the instructions are clear and straightforward.

What are the heights of Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk in different sitting modes?
At 25°, the stand is 12cm/4.7in high.
At 45°, the stand is 19.4cm/7.6in high.
At 60°, the stand is 25cm/9.8in high.

What devices are compatible with Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk?
It’s compatible with almost all kinds of laptops, tablets, even books, and papers.

What is Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk made of?
It’s made of vegan leather, fiber glass, magnets and metal sheets.

Which flap that secures the bottom of the laptop should I use (the smaller versus the larger)?
The larger flap is mainly designed for thicker laptops, so both flaps can be used depending the laptop's thickness. For your information, the larger flap holds up to 22lbs/10kg, while the smaller one holds up to 11lbs/5kg. Additionally, due to its size, the laptop shouldn't be thicker than 0.78 in/20 mm when using the larger flap. For the smaller one, the laptop shouldn't be thicker than 0.39 in/10mm.

5 Working Positions, 1 Laptop Stand

Everywhere You Want to Stand to Work


Living room

Home office


Keep Life Back Pain-Free

When you are standing at work, MOFT Z offers a natural height for your palms to rest onto the laptop, and your eyes to look at the screen with no strain or tension.

Sheer Reading & Creating Pleasure



A Comfortable Workspace in Your Carry-on Bag

You would never see a desk the size of an iPad Pro. MOFT Z stays perfectly in your bag. You can have a flexible work setup anywhere you go like never before.


Stability isn't Traded for Slimness.

Apart from the steady Z structure and triangular bottom support, we used fiberglass to ensure the toughness of the panels.


Made to Withstand Frequent Trips

All corners and folding lines were reinforced to make sure you can always keep using it without wearing or tearing.

As Seen In

Not only can it support a range of laptops without any flex, wobble or shudder even during heavy typing, it can fold almost completely flat. This plus its extremely light weight makes it easy to store or transport. " - Forbes

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
annoying wear off

i've been using this stand for a few years and it lives up it's claim perfectly.
but as time goes by, the cover material started to wear off and it started to keep having bits and bits wearing off which is extremely annoying!!
moreover, the magnetic component keep affecting the on-off of my ipad (use without any cover)

Not meant for public use- You will get interrupted while working!

I don't do reviews until I have used a product for a year. I travel a lot and work remotely and this was one of my 2021 finds I requested as a holiday present. I have NO regrets. This product has held up through various tantrums. Apart from the aesthetic and functionality, the material utilize has held up to spills. Note when I am in a public space I get no less than two compliments, which leads to me giving out the product name.
It's nice to get value and aesthetics for money!


I work in my dining/living room, and wanted to be able to “close” my office down at the end of the day. After messing with a bunch of very pretty but much heavier and awkward wood stands, this felt like a miracle. It lets me set up quickly and then put my entire “office” - laptop, stand, cords, notebook and all - in a bag at the end of the day (will also be good for travel). I use it mostly folded into the “standing” position, although me, I’m actually sitting – this position puts the screen at the right height to avoid neck strain and take the function of a monitor. I use a small dock box to attach peripherals and it remains stable. Only challenge for me is that I have a Microsoft surface, with a screen that doesn’t stay up at a full vertical angle without a prop in back. The Mofft stand doesn’t have that, but I just use a book end to keep the screen fully upright and works fine… Highly recommend!!

Amazing Product

I just received several Moft products and was very surprised about the high quality of these items especially this stand. It's packed with features and is very sturdy, not to mention it folds and becomes very portable. I typically use the stand for the iPad and laptop at home, and the invisible stand attached to the laptop on the go. I've been using it daily ever since! 10/10, innovative and sleek design!

Simple and just great design

I came across this laptop stand while looking around for gift ideas at MOMA store. Its simplicity and minimal design caught my eye. The standing mode instructions were easy to follow, reminds me of making an Origami but the simplest version of it. My 14"+ Dell laptop sits well and stable while I type on it, no wobbling or tipping motion at all. Love the idea that I'm standing while on the computer, great for my health and posture. Can't wait to bring this with me on my travels. Loved it so much, I bought another one for my daughter and will purchase more in the future as birthday gifts for my family and friends. Great product!

Even more versatile than I thought

I've been using my already much loved moft stand in reverse lately since the backlight on my macbook pro 15" goes off whenever I open the screen past 40˚. So while I'm figuring out the repair I can still use the macbook without having to balance it at an uncomfortable angle on my lap. It's made a huge difference

Valerie D
Awesome product

Pictured is just one way I use the MOFT stand. I also teach online yoga and it’s great for use in the stand up setting to get all of me in the frame. Love the portability and the multiple levels.


It hold my Macbook Pro 16 well.
It’s durable and feels premium.
I wish it could have a second version which is more lighter

Zakharova Daria
Feels great

It's very stable even with my notebook, which is 15'' Macbook Pro, doesn't occupy any space on my desk, has very comfortable positions to type and work for a long time. Feels nice to touch also.

Lynne Zhao

Sit-stand Laptop Desk