MOFT Stand - Universal Version
MOFT Stand - Universal Version

MOFT Stand - Universal Version

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Dimensions: 180 * 250 * 3 mm

Character: Non-adhesive

Height Adjustment: 2 or 3 inches

Weight: 160 g/ 5.6 oz

Material: PU, Fiberglass

Compatible Models: Universal

Meet MOFT, a brand-new solution that outshines all other laptop stands! It is portable, invisible, versatile, ergonomic, and ticks all your boxes.

Light as paper and slim as a coin, MOFT portable laptop stand is a perfect fit for your business trip, travel, and work on the go. You just might forget carrying MOFT around until you use it. To open it is as easy as open your laptop.

Thin as it is, MOFT stand holds up to 18 lbs thanks to its sturdy material and scientifically engineered structure. It offers low/high lifting mode that elevates 2 or 3 inches of your screen position. 

To deliver the best ever products to our customers, we have conducted tests including but not limited to 30,000 times of folding, 200 times of adhesion, extreme temperature and slip resistance, and we’re confident that MOFT has passed all of them.

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