Support Your Local Women

We are excited to partner with artist Meg Lewis, bringing original “Meg-tastic” statement stickers to transform the MOFT X Phone Stand and MOFT Snap-On Phone Stand into a unique way to celebrate individual’s greatness and self-expression.

Express yourself with the three sets of Anywhere Stickers including "Self-celebration", "Juggling It All" and "Empowering Women" with MOFT X and MOFT Snap-On Phone Stand. Remind yourself how excellent you are at fulfilling your goals and enable yourself to be even more productive.

Three Themes to Express Yourself

Proud of Your Pronouns, Together

There is no one that you’re supposed to be. This statement sticker reminds both you and the world to celebrate your pronouns proudly for who you are, because you’re a pro in your own life. 

Encourage Yourself Everyday

Whether you’re Mother, Daughter, Best Friend, Girlfriend or Wife, this statement sticker is telling you that every little thing you achieve makes you deserve an honor by the end of the day.

Find Balance in Juggling Multiple Roles

Your journey to productivity should be experienced at your own speed. When you’re not feeling it today, this statement sticker keeps your high hope for tomorrow.

Stick, Snap and Stand

Express Yourself “on Anywhere"

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You Support Them, We Support You


Unibody Card-Holder


Stick-on or Snap-on

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Inspiration Behind It: Meg Lewis

Meg Lewis has some words for your unique self

Real Support is going to be given to girls in need today:

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Women Of MOFT

The time has come for a springtastic celebration! MOFT takes this opportunity to salute women who are carving their own paths and giving it their all. 

We are excited to partner with female comedian, artist, and MOFT fan Meg Lewis, and we pay homage to her for her unique self and being excellent at juggling multiple roles.

So who is SHE that you want to celebrate? Get involved with your local community and express yourself and HERself  with MOFT X Meg Lewis. Remind her how excellent she is at fulfilling her goals and enable her to be even more productive.