Q&A - Snap Phone Sticker

Q: Except the MOFT O Snap Phone Stand & Grip, can I use the Snap Phone Sticker with other magnetic accessories?
A: Yes, you can use the sticker with other magnetic accessories like wireless chargers.
Q: Can I stick the Snap Phone Sticker to the phone with a case?
A: Yes, you can stick the sticker to a phone case. It sticks well to soft cases like TPU cases and hard cases like PC cases, but it doesn't stick to silicone cases.
Q: Will the Snap Phone Sticker work through a phone case?
A: We're afraid the sticker can't work through a phone case, but it can stick on phone cases (except silicone cases), so you can snap MOFT O on your phone case with the sticker on it.
Q: Will the Snap Phone Sticker affect wireless charging?
A: No, it’s magnetic-like, but not made of magnets, so it’s wireless charging compatible.
Q: Is the Snap Phone Sticker reusable?
A: Yes, it’s 50-time reusable and residue-free.