Q&A - Phone Lanyard

  • How many tests have been performed on the part that sticks to the phone and doesn't fall off?

It has passed a pull-off testing on TPU, plastic, metal and glass respectively with a minimum of pulling force of 11 lbs for 24 hours, so you can actually run or enjoy any other activities with your phone tethered to you all the time. 

  • Can it be transferred to a new phone?

We’re afraid that it’s for one-use only. 

Additionally, it should be attached to a non-rubber coated phone case.


  • Does it work with MOFT Snap Phone Stand&Wallet on iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12?
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the stand&wallet on iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12, because there won't be any more space left at the bottom. It’s recommended using it with MOFT X Mini Phone Stand on the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12.