To Create is to Live Passionately

To Create is to Live Passionately

Meet Austin Rupp, an extraordinary photographer and videographer whose steadfast passion is his guide on his professional journey. At MOFT, we are inspired by Austin's approach, allowing his love for his craft to guide his progress while embracing mistakes as valuable lessons on the way.

Through his lens, Austin transports us to awe-inspiring vistas like xx canyons and vibrant seasides with radiant faces of people basking in the warmth of sunshine. His work exudes a sense of tranquility, as his passion for photography flows through his work. A testament to this is his humble life slogan: "Just trying my best," encapsulating his daily dedication immersed in capturing breathtaking moments and meticulously editing them to perfection.

Austin generously shares his photography insights through his social channels, where he bravely discusses his trials and errors, inviting us to embark on the journey of discovery alongside him. We feel a deep connection with him as we pursue our own passions. His genuine willingness to learn and grow resonates with us, reminding us that the pursuit of what we love is a lifelong adventure.

However, Austin's creative pursuits extend beyond his professional endeavors. He also documents the beauty of his everyday life, capturing scenes of nature and immortalizing milestones he celebrates with his loved ones. Like Austin, we believe that finding joy in the simplest aspects of life ultimately nourishes our creative spirit, igniting a fire within us to create and honor the harmony between work and enjoyment.

As we strive to create products that empower creators to work and relish life to the fullest, we are proud that Austin uses MOFT products for his comfort and on his meticulously arranged desktop setup! We draw strength from Austin's example, witnessing that the fusion of passion and perseverance can unlock boundless possibilities.