Uniqueness Is What Feeds Our Creativity

Uniqueness Is What Feeds Our Creativity

From working moms to teachers, one-of-a-kind comedians to all-powerful housewives, activists to Vice Presidents, MOFT salutes people who have carved their own paths and multitask their super skills. 

Meg’s bold, friendly design style and positive sense of humor fuel her multifaceted roles as a designer, comedian, and performer. This energy aligns with MOFT’s objective to empower individuals through innovative design so they can be more productive through all of life’s adventures.

Q: What motivates you to embrace your identity?

When I was a girl, I admired women who went against what I had been taught was conventionally “normal” for a woman to be. Usually comedians, like Lucille Ball, Wanda Sykes, Raven-Symoné, and Molly Shannon. Women and girls who were silly, full of expression, and not afraid to make faces! They were superheroes to me because they defied what I had previously thought was possible for women. Today, I find myself believing everyone to be superheroes. We are all capable of doing so much. We have a personality, set of skills, and perspectives on the world that, combined, are unique to us. And to harness that is truly a superpower!

Q: How do you continue to break new boundaries? 

I would encourage asking the question, who am I juggling for? Before pushing harder and harder to juggle more and more, you need to first ask if you’re juggling in a way that feels right for yourself and if you’re juggling in a way that makes you fulfilled. Ask yourself if you’re doing things in a way that feels right to you or if you’re simply emulating what you think is a proven juggling method for others. Keep questioning everything! I’ve found that juggling it all, for me, doesn’t look the same as it does for anyone else. I’ve created a set of juggling balls that look unlike anyone else’s and a juggling style that is unique to me. And it works! I feel fulfilled, productive, and am enjoying all those shiny balls in the air!