5 Ways to Improve Your Workspace With FlexiSpot And MOFT

5 Ways to Improve Your Workspace With FlexiSpot And MOFT

Maximize your workspace efficiency by adopting FlexiSpot's standing desk with drawers and MOFT's innovative Smart Desk Mats.

A well-organized and comfortable workspace is essential for individuals working from home or in an office. When your workspace is cluttered and uncomfortable, it can have a detrimental impact on both productivity and well-being. Conversely, an organized and comfortable workspace has the potential to enhance productivity and promote overall well-being.

FlexiSpot and MOFT are two well-known brands dedicated to the innovation of products that enhance workspaces. You probably know FlexiSpot as the guys behind the most reliable and superior adjustable standing desks, while MOFT, of course, is a leader in smart organization tools for the digital nomad.

With that in mind, we devised the perfect work setup using one of FlexiSpot's height-adjustable standing desks and the sleek, smart desk mat from MOFT and bore the workstation of your dreams. Read on to discover more about the brands, their products, and 5 ways this duo can elevate your work life.



Flexispot makes some of the best pieces of furniture for your office or work-from-home setup, including ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable desks, office accessories, and storage and organization solutions. And recently, they’ve even added ergonomic bed solutions. Today, we focus more on the benefits of their adjustable height standing desks, and in particular, we have the Comhar standing desk with drawers.

FlexiSpot's Comhar Standing Desk with Drawers

Flexispot offers a wide variety of standing desks in different shapes, sizes, and designs. However, today we look at the affordable Comhar standing desk, a sleek, automatic multifunctional desk with 4 programmable memory presets, an anti-collision function, 3 convenient charging ports (2 Type A and 1 Type C) and what sets it apart, an embedded drawer.

The pull-out drawer is seamlessly integrated into the chic design. It comes in handy when you need to put away the little things that, left to their own devices, create unnecessary chaos on your tabletop. The drawer is spacious enough to hold a small consignment of tools and minimalistic enough that it's not too obvious.

The desk also comes with an ideal 3-stage height adjustment design that allows it to raise and lower through a height range of 28.3’’ to 47.6’’. That aside, you get a desktop width of 48’’x 24’’, which is plenty of space for all your devices and work tools. You can choose from a broad range of tabletop material to match your office or home aesthetics.


MOFT is not just another Kickstarter success story; it's a company that consistently provides essential solutions for the modern-day employee.  We have dedicated our efforts to designing slim, portable, and lightweight solutions that take up no space and require barely any effort to carry when changing your work location, be it from your desk to the sofa or your office to some hidden gem in Bali. Unseen, unfelt, and unnoticed. For today's show and tell, we have the MOFT smart desk mat.

MOFT's Smart Desk Mat

Combine the joy of organization with your love for travel convenience with the smart desk mat. Our desk mat is a desktop real estate dream come true. Propped up, the smart desk mat will hold your digital accessories, including your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, in-ear pods, smart pen, etc.

The benefits are manifold, including instant decluttering, multitasking ability, easy access to your gadgets, elevated work comfort, safety from desktop spillage, and one of the most convenient clock-out systems–fold down your mat and walk away, or slide it into storage till your next hurrah.

With that, we get into how the FlexiSpot standing desk with drawers can elevate your overall experience when using the smart desk mat.

5 Ways to Improve Your Workspace With FlexiSpot And MOFT

Better Organization

The most obvious benefit of incorporating both the standing desk and the smart desk mat is enhanced organization. On their own, both products already deliver an elevated sense of organization. But together, your skill will be the talk of the town.

FlexiSpot's standing desks, by default, come with a wide and adjustable tabletop surface. This means you can store as many items as the payload capacity allows. However, just because the space is there, it doesn't mean you should leave everything lying around.

With the smart desk mat you can use it as a laptop stand or multi-screen accessory to eliminate half of your desktop clutter, e.g., your tablet, phone, and phone accessories. And once that's set up, identify items you may not necessarily require for your current work session and slide them into your desk drawer, and you're good to go.

Boosted Productivity

One of the primary reasons people switch to standing desks is the proposed benefit of boosted productivity. Intermittent standing has been scientifically proven to boost mood and energy, directly impacting our productivity.

That aside, other implied health benefits include lowered risk of heart disease, reduced back pains, lowered blood sugar levels, and decreased chances of weight gain and obesity. Healthy people are less likely to take sick leave, so they remain more productive.

On the other hand, the smart standing desk mat actively increases your predisposition for work by giving you easier access to your devices. Whether you need to transfer material, communicate with others, look up references or do research, the multi-screen setup makes it a touch simpler, elevating your capacity for productivity.

Improved Flexibility

Sitting at work for hours on end gets rather boring, even for people that love their job. You need to get up and stretch to enhance blood flow and revitalize your body. With the smart desk mat, you can change location or venue without packing your desk into a backpack. Fold your laptop, then use the device as a tray, ferry your devices to your new location, and reset it to continue where you left off.

With FlexiSpot's height-adjustable desks, you don't even need to struggle with a new location. Carry on with your task in a standing position. The desk gives you memory presets that save your preferred height for a more seamless transition. What's more, with the desks' stability, you don't even need to dismantle your smart desk mat setup–the motors will hold steady as you switch between your seated and standing height.

Elevated Comfort

FlexiSpot's standing desks are ergonomically designed to support your work endeavours, whether you're in a seated or standing position, and despite your height. You can customize your desk to your exact liking to guarantee the most comfortable experience.

The same concept carries with the smart desk mat. Once you've achieved your preferred height on the standing desk, you can slide and adjust the angle on your MOFT smart desk mat for the most comfortable viewing and usage of your devices. We recommend 25° when working using it as a laptop stand, 45° for your tablet, and 60° when reading a book.

The surface texture of the smart mat has a comfortable feel, and the experience is crowned by the soft lap and wrist cushion that you can position to your liking.

No More Oopsies

Office workers are not as exposed to physical harm as industrial workers and manual labourers. However, that does not mean you are free from workplace accidents. From water spills shorting your electronics to a weak desk crumbling and damaging your devices (let alone hurting you), to pets scratching your equipment, etc., there's no shortage of harm in an office space.

With FlexiSpot's automatic standing desk for office use, you are guaranteed a sturdy and stable work desk. The desks are designed to withstand a large payload, and the motors are super efficient in operation, meaning you never have to worry about your devices when stationary or in motion. You can also choose the material of your choosing–like the tough bamboo that's highly resistant to scratches or chipping.

The smart desk mat is also in it for the long haul. The fiberglass material can withstand water spills, giving an extra layer of water protection besides elevating the devices from spill level. It is also resistant to scratches despite any attempts by your kids or pets. Therefore, with our winning duo, you're practically covered for more than half of common workplace accidents.

Final Thoughts

You spend more waking hours at your workspace, be it home or office, than you do any other place. With that in mind, your workspace needs to be a haven for you–a place that inspires creativity, productivity, and confidence. You can't do that if your space is cluttered.

The right solutions don't need to cost an arm and a leg, as demonstrated by our winning combo: FlexiSpot's adjustable standing desks and MOFT's smart desk mat. Each product individually offers more benefits than this article could handle, so be sure to check both products out and give us a try. And once you do, please share your feedback on the experience.