Q&A - Float

Q:Does MOFT Float work with iPad Pro 2021?
A:No, we're afraid Float 12.9" doesn't work with iPad Pro 12.9" 2021 (5th Gen) due to its thickness. Float 11" doesn't work with iPad Pro 11" 2021 (3rd Gen) due to the location of the speaker.

Q:What are the dimensions of MOFT Float?
A:11” Float Dimensions: 252*183*14.6mm/9.9*7.2*0.57in;
12.9” Float Dimensions: 285.5*219.8*14.7mm/11.2*8.6*0.57in 
Q:How hight does MOFT Float raise the iPad screen?
A:It can elevate the screen up to 3.15in/8cm when it’s used in Floating Mode.
Q:How many modes does MOFT Float provide?
A:It provides 3 different modes including Floating mode to raise your iPad screen, Stable mode for you to draw or write and Portrait mode for hands-free reading.
Q:Can the pen be charged throught the case on the iPad Pro?
A:Yes, the pen can be charged through the case on the iPad Pro. 
Q:What's the keyboard layout?
A:It's the US QWERTY layout.
Q:Can I scroll the trackpad of the keyboard with two fingers?
A:Yes, you can scroll it with two fingers or three fingers.