Helps you work anywhere comfortably and effectively

World’s 1st Invisible Graphene Cooling Stand

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Travel the world with you, unnoticeably

Slim as a card, when it's time to travel it adds no weight or bulk, and you’ll never be troubled by losing it.

Effective cooling to guard your smooth workflow

With built-in graphene, it actively dissipates heat across your laptop surface, so you workflow won't be interrupted by a running hot laptop anymore.

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1-sec dual-angle setup makes working enjoyable.

A 3“ elevation by the 25° mode stops your neck from hurting, and the 15° mode provides a comfortable height for satisfying typing.

100% chance of encountering scratches, 0 mark is left.

Tougher in wear and tear, easier on and off, it's re-engineered with new Tech Vegan Leather and specially-made PU Nano Traceless Adhesive.

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