Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet - MagSafe Compatible For Phones MS007M Sunset Orange Phone Stand & Wallet
Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet - MagSafe Compatible For Phones MS007M
Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet - MagSafe Compatible For Phones MS007M
Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet - MagSafe Compatible For Phones MS007M

Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet - MagSafe Compatible

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Color: Sunset Orange

Sunset Orange

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  • iPhone 12/13/14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 12/13/14 Pro Max, and MagSafe compatible phone cases.
  • Note: Not compatible with iPhone 12 Pro/13 Pro/14 Pro.
    Product Features

    Sunset Orange

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions of the Snap-on Stand & Wallet:3.8*2.5*0.24 in/95.5*65.5*6 mm
    Weight of the Snap-on Stand & Wallet: 1.5 oz/43 g
    Material: Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Magnets, Metal sheets
    3 viewing modes: Portrait, Landscape, and Floating
    Double-side magnet: 16 built-in magnets in total
    Holds up to 3 cardsWorks with MagSafe compatible accessories


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    What iPhone models are compatible?
    All iPhone 12/13/14 series including: iPhone 12/13 mini, iPhone 12/13/14, iPhone 12/13/14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 12/13/14 Pro Max. For iPhone 12/13 mini, floating mode is recommended.
    MOFT X Phone Stand Adhesive Series is compatible with older iPhone models.

    Will it work if I have a case on my phone?
    Yes! It works with Apple’s MagSafe cases, and the magnet strength will be 2x stronger with our Snap Case, as their magnet layouts are consistent (a ring of magnets and a longitudinal magnet). For third-party MagSafe compatible cases, only cases that have built-in magnets will work. Please note it doesn't work with non-MagSafe phone cases.

    Does it work with the iPhone 12/13 mini?
    Yes! It also works with the iPhone 12/13 mini, but the screen will be just about vertical in landscape mode, because the phone is almost as wide as the stand. It works smoothly in portrait and floating mode which can be used to create a mini workstation on short notice.

    Does it support Find My?
    No, it doesn’t support Find My. We will take it into account for the next version, but it will depend on the openness of Apple’s Find My system. 

    Compared with Apple’s wallet, how’s the magnet strength?
    The magnet strength feels the same as Apple’s wallet, because we use similar magnet design to match the iPhone 12/13 series. You will need force to remove the wallet, and it doesn’t fall easily. Still, we recommend not to use it as a grip without holding the phone's edge. If you prefer the wallet to stay stuck on the back of the phone where you can’t use force to remove it, please feel free to check out the Adhesive Version. 
    The magnet strength feels the most secure when the wallet is aligned properly with the phone, as the ring-shaped magnet is placed to the center of the phone's rear. 
    If it’s used with an Apple’s MagSafe case, it will be even stronger, and the orientation magnet of the case will help to guide the placement of the wallet. 
    Please be aware of how to carefully put it in your pocket, as there’s a chance the wallet will fall out when it’s put in or taken out of a pocket, depending on how tight the pocket is.

    For more information, please feel free to click HERE to check the magnet review by Jonel T.

    Can it be used as a grip?
    Sure. It’s secure to hold to view the screen for a comfortable browsing experience, but it will not be as secure as the MOFT X adhesive phone stand, so it's suggested that you should not shake it to avoid the risk that the phone will come off from the wallet.

    Can the wireless charging feature be used with this?
    No, it can't be used with wireless charger. But detachment is easy, so you can remove it for wireless charging.

    What is the difference from MOFT adhesive wallet stand?
    Removable glue is replaced by the strong built-in magnets that allow it to magnetically attach to the back of the iPhone.
    The width remains the same, but it’s vertically shorter than MOFT X and longer than MOFT X Compact version. It’s 0.5mm thicker and 10g heavier than MOFT X because of the magnet inside.

    Does it have RFID-blocking technology?
    No, it's not RFID-blocking.

    Will the magnet affect credit cards?
    No, it won't affect chip cards like credit cards, but there’s a chance that magnetic strip cards like ID cards may be affected. Strong magnetic environments will have an impact on the magnetic strip cards. Although the magnet of the Stand & Wallet is not strong, it could cause interference to some magnetic strip cards.

    Does it affect Apple Pay usage?
    Apple Pay works normally.

    Will the angle on different iPhone 12/13 models change when propped up?
    The angle varies on different iPhone 12/13 models due to different sizes of the phones.

    Can Magnetic Sticky Pads be used with the phone without the Stand & Wallet?
    No, we're afraid that Magnetic Sticky Pads won't work with iPhone 12 series without the Stand & Wallet attached to it.

    Can I attach my phone to the wall?
    The magnetic design matches the magnetic design of iPhone 12/13 series, so it can stick on the back of the phone using magnetic strength.
    Additionally, the double-sided magnetic design allows you to attach your phone anywhere with a Magnetic Sticky Pad on the surface.
    For more details or to order more Magnetic Sticky Pads, please click HERE to check it out.


    Wallet, Stand, and Grip

    The MOFT Snap-On employs dual magnets to attach securely to the latest iPhones. The precise fold design allows for intuitive and flexible use - simply snap it on, stand it up and fold it back into place. A powerful companion to your digital life.

    Comfort in 3 Angles



    Video conferencing


    Snap, Grab and Go!

    The hidden wallet securely holds up to 3 cards such as a credit card, transit card, or driver license, for your everyday carry needs: Unfold to easily access your cards without the need to snap it off your phone.


    Premium Materials in Classic Colors

    The soft vegan leather not only feels smooth to the touch, but is also eco-friendly. At half the cost of most phone wallets, it’s the most accessible and ideal way to interact with your phone.


    Snaps Anywhere

    Experience the iPhone hands-free from every corner of your home with MOFT’s Wall Sticker Pads which can attach on any surface to transform your phone into an exercise, bath time, or cooking companion.


    MagSafe Compatible for iPhones 14/13/12

    For earlier iPhone models and Android phone users, please check out the original Adhesive Phone Stand & Wallet- link HERE. For enhanced magnetic strength, we recommend the MagSafe-enhanced Snap Set: Case, Stand & Wallet- link HERE.


    Our Recommendation for Your Most Secure Minimal Carry

    The new Snap Case has double the magnetic strength, making your Snap-on Stand & Wallet attach firmly in place for viewing in Floating mode or putting cards on your phone on the go.

    Featured In

    "The Moft wallet and stand is a phenomenal multitasker." - Forbes

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Snap-on phone stand and wallet

    Built quality is top class, leather is nice to the touch. Its 3 mode is very useful. The product is not bulky once it snap to the phone. A must buy for young professional.

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