MOFT Stand Tutorial

Please read before using our stands if you have any question on to use them correctly.


1/ Find a flat surface on the back of your laptop. Avoid ventilation hole for potential over-heat problems.

2/ Stick the stand onto the laptop near the screen hinge. Make sure to align the lines. It takes 12 hours to get the best stickiness.

Open & Adjust

1/ Open the stand along the fold line, do not fold it backwards to avoid damage to the stand.

2/ The stand also has an adjustable line to lower it down(only for MOFT Stand).

3/ Use your finger to lift up the line outwards & get lower typing position. Fold it back if you want higher position.


1/ Remove the stand from the upper-middle part, gently peel it off.

2/ Please avoid detaching the stand from four corners, it might cause damage to the mechanical structure.


1/ Use wet tissue or cloth to wipe the glue's surface, wait till it's day then it's ready to re-use.

2/ You can also use wet tissue to gently clean up the PU front panel. For non water-resistant fabric surface, please use dry tissue instead.