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Relief for my shoulders and arms!

The Moft stand has made a real change in the ease of sitting and writing for a long period of time! The lower height is perfect for sitting and the higher for standing work. The almost-invisible profile makes it perfectly fit in the cases and carriers I have always used.

Great invention.

A must buy if you're looking for a laptop stand for your MacBook. Fit nicely and the easy application of it just blew me away.

Happy Backer Here

Love the product! Material is great, adhesive is impressive, angles help a lot! however, there's this wobbling or should i say slight swivel from side to side that happens sometimes when i rest my hands on my computer. i think this can be addressed in the future product dev/modification. But overall, i feel great backing up this amazing project!

Review of MOFT stand

The moft stand is nice but is not steady when typing on your laptop. I have a Macbook Air and whenever I am typing the computer starts to shake. Not really what I was expecting for the price. It is not as easy to switch between the two levels as it is shown on the website. However it is thin and doesn't take up a lot of space. But if you are looking for something more steady I would not really recommend this stand.

Good stand, nice idea!

I love the idea, it's a really slim and compact laptop stand, but somehow, on my Macbook Pro 2017 Spacegray stand magnets are very weak, they do not hold the stand closed at all, weird. So every time I put the laptop up - the stand goes down :/ Well, and instead of DHL delivery that I ordered - I got the pack delivered by regular post to Ukraine. Better do not overpay for DHL if you're in Ukraine.

MOFT Stand
Great Accessory

I have added these to each of my personal and work machines and don't know how I managed prior. The ease of typing, lack of wrist strain and adjustability of viewing angle has made getting work done so much easier. Very slim profile that doesn't get in the way when storing in a sleeve, backpack, etc.

Small and effective

Despite its size and weight, it holds up my drawing tablet firm and steady. No wobbling or shaking while using it. Deliver as promised! Would highly recommend it!

Really nice product

I've had it only for a few days, but it is well made. Just the idea of this product is amazing !
The only thing to keep in mind if you're buying it from France like I did, is that the shipping takes quit a long time. But don't worry, you will get your item !

Great stable laptop stand

I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the moft laptop stand is. I feel my sitting posture is much better while using my laptop. The design is so pretty and the colors are really striking

This is great!



Easy to use.

Surprisingly ergonomic

I was afraid that elevating the laptop will put strain on my wrists but setting the MOFT stand at the lower angle works very well at making typing easier. The magnets however, need to be stronger to keep the stand flush to the laptop body when in transit.

Perfect for me

Very practical for everyday work. It's a must for every laptop owner. I got 1 for my 13" MacBook and 1 universal for my 14" windows laptop. Both of them work great.

Great gadget for a Laptop

Very useful and helpful for working on a laptop

Beautiful stand!

While the price may be on the steeper side when no discounts are available, this stand is undoubtedly eye catching and works as advertised.

Shipping was fast too!


Very practical and light stand for my computer.
Loving it ...

Awesome product & Fast shipping

Amazon product, very convenient
The design is great and lightweight to go everywhere with.
The shipping was fast (to Israel).
Thank’s a lot.

Fab, really practical and super stable! Would purchase again

Good stuff

Nice compact stand but had delivery issues

The universal stand itself was nice and compact. - great for slipping into a laptop bag. When the stand is not in use it and flat also makes a great mouse pad. Our issue was with the shipping/delivery process to Canada. We almost did not receive our shipment as our shipping address did not make it into the Canada Post system. We almost thought it was stolen since it was marked as delivered on the tracking system, but we had not yet received it. Lucky the package was eventually found by our mail delivery person.


Very useful. The main problem is that it is not as easy to operate. But I'll get used to it. Highly recommended!


Cool thing, everything as described. Lightweight, easy to attach and convenient for traveling.
I would recommend it for MacBooks 13 inches, not so sure for bigger and heavier laptops.

Love the product, very useful and steady

Smart well-designed product!

As usual with these kind of purchases, I was keeping my expectations moderate but even so: I am delighted with the stand, it really does work very well, is extremely thin and light-weight which is vital for travel but at the same time intriguingly strong. Nice one!