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Amazing essentials for students and office workers who type for their life

Long story short
- Cure my sore shoulder and neck
- Let me bring this baby with me in 0.1 second when I leave my desk

Honest opinion
- You need to slide in one notebook under the notebook (pun intended) to raise up the keyword for more comfy
- Cannot put it in your duffel bag. The flickable tongue (idk how to call it) just folded into half! You can still use it, just my OCD. Put it in my backpack instead.

Good idea but needs better execution

The MOFT Stand is a good idea: it has good aestethics and it's thin, but I find the folds to be counter-intuitive. Maybe it's me, or maybe not, but I can't open it right in an easy way.

The delivery was a little longer than expected but the stand works perfectly

a useful extension to my laptop

Bringing external laptop stands with yourself everywhere is impossible. This tool is always on the back of my laptop and provides an easy solution to raise the screen enough to have a more healthy posture.

My overall experience is awesome. If i can have one negative comment it would be the stability of the lower position. it is fine until the screen reaches a certain angle, after that point only my wrists hold the laptop in position. This can be easy to adapt though, and not annoying. I was only surprised at the first occasion.

MOFT Stand

MOFT Stand

great stand for my mac

i just received my stand, its so easy to attach and very stable
no wobble no nothing
i used to have a aluminum stand but this is amazing replacement and i have it attached to my mac all the time
it's so thin that easily fits in my mac sleeve

i have macbook pro 13.3" and to me mini is a great fit

GREAT STAND and strong even when cut

One of the kickstarters products I use daily.So this stand was made for mostly macbook as other brand of Notebooks might have a vent as the bottom.
I am luck that my vent was in the center for my 15.6" HP notebook.
I cut some part away and the stand was still as strong without it. (see picture)

MOFT Base Universal 1 inch

His invention looks great, but 3 inches seems to me a lot of height (a lot of tilt), I would like to lift 1 inch and maximum 2 inches to work comfortably. I hope you can reconsider. Receive blessings.


It completely changed my workflow, no more need to be hunchbacked in front of the computer!

It works as promised and is now invaluable: how could you use your laptop without it?! Outstanding Kickstarter project. I'm proud to have been part of it

Love my MOFT

It's so easy to use it on the go. I cannot believe to live without it!

MOFT Stand - Double Pack

Happy with the purchase

Glad I’ve ordered a MOFT stand for my Macbook Air. Makes it comfortable to work.

MOFT Stand

Works great

It just works as it should be. Thanks!


Very nice technology. Easy to put and use. I just wish the material was a little bit more hard. Great product!

Excellent Product

I started using the stand immediately and it's very effective. A few of my family and colleagues have asked me to order more.

Great Product

Lightweight, stable and stylish

MOFT Stand - Double Pack

Good product

Real innovation!

I love this product so much. It helps not only getting better sitting posture but also better for your eyes’ focus. My eyes always get tired when looking down on the laptop, but with this product, I can adjust the screen in a higher position so that I can work longer on laptop. Real innovation!

Good if you have the right expectations

Here are some important points to consider if you plan to buy it for a MacBook Pro (2016+):

- It is taller than the feet of the computer, so once attached the laptop won't stay flat anymore.
- The front part of the computer (where there is no feet or protection) will carry most of the weight when typing; depending on the surface it will damage the metal in the front zone.
- The bottom part of the computer is designed to dissipate heat, as the MOFT is made out of foam it'll prevent this to happen and keep all the heat, so expect your keyboard to heat more and your battery to degrade faster.
- The "space gray color" doesn't match the color of the computer, so expect it to be very noticeable.
- The "magnets" are weak or inexistent so if you lift the laptop, you will see how the MOFT opens down.

I give it 2 stars because it fulfills the promise to be a light stand with two heights.

Awesome product!

Exactly what is needed if you own a laptop or ultrabook

Works as promised and is now invaluable. I was a bit concerned with how much of the cooling vents were covered (Lenovo X1 Carbons) but no issue so far. Gone are all the props and clips I have used over the years. Great kickstarter project. Very Happy

Best Product

For a few years I had to cart around bulky laptop stands so that I could type comfortably. When I saw the MOFT on kickstarter I figured there was nothing to lose in getting one. It didn't cost the earth and if it did what it claimed it would be great. I also liked the idea of supporting a fellow start-up.

It is more than great. It is the best product I have purchased in a longtime. Most does exactly what it says it will do. Easy, convenient and sturdy. I work in a co-working space and so many people have asked where I got it from.