MOBILE working from city to city is my life.

Julianna, CEO

OFFICE is crucial to making things happen, which is why I take it as a 2nd home.

Yang Wang, COO

FUTURE is not created by devices, it is created by us.

Ashley, CPO

TRAVELLING is all that we desire our life to be.


Not gonna lie, we all want to become travelers—to go to places, see things, and experience more. However, we are super busy at the moment. Having to deal with the products, to communicate with our customers, to handle all the things that a small team could not imagine truly takes up most of our time. We got hope though, that what we do live up to what we proposed to our customers. If they are happy, we will be happy as well. Next time on journey, using our own products, feeling all their perks & specialties, that must be a really special experience.


Here's what we have achieved so far. We still got a lot of problems to solve, and a lot of things to do. We will continue to do better than ever, nice to meet you, dear supporters.

Over 50,000 supporters throughout the world. 2019's best selling laptop stand. Feather-like stand with heaven-like typing experience.

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Most versatile, most practical, probably the most ambitious mobile device stand set. Ultra-thin, ultra-light, golden angle available at any moment.

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