MOFT Float

2-in-1 Stand&Case for iPad Pro and iPad Air 2020

Invisible when you’re done, standable when you need it

The only “floating”case for iPad pro

Satisfy of all your viewing needs

We provide 3 different moods to satisfy all your needs, from work to life. With the 3 different modes we customize for you, take your iPad Pro to the next level,  helping you use your iPad Pro in many creative ways. 

Floating Mode

With Floating mode you won’t ever have to bend your neck down for hours during extended Zoom meetings, browsing videos on Youtube or watching Netflix.

Stable Mode

The stable mode can immerse yourself in creation while enjoying a seamlessly stable experience, perfect for any kind of creator who wants the most out of their iPad Pro.

Portrait Mode

Use the portrait mode, elevates your reading experience whether you’re at the office, at home, or even outdoors, read and enjoy at the perfect eye level, hands-free.

Save you from shoulder or neck pain just by one thoughtful design

Enjoy ergonomic anywhere and anytime

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Outrageously easy to set up

Your best on the go companion

Over 8000 times of using, the durability never changed

Lightweight and durable

The size choice for your iPad

Our MOFT Float comes with different sizes to be compatible with different sizes of iPads. It can fit with your 11” iPad pro, 12.9” iPad pro and the 11” iPad Air 2020. Check the below specifications and see if it’s compatible.

On the go business travel kit

MOFT trip-folding bluetooth keyboard with touchpad

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