MOFT X - Tablet Stand Tutorial


1/ The big tablet stand is compatible with 9.7''+ tablets.

2/ The small tablet stand is compatible with 7-8'' tablets.

3/ Stick the stand onto the back center of your tablet. Please avoid blocking flash light, sensors, and magnetic contacts. (mini version works better on lower position)

Open & Adjust

1/ The 1st foldline opens the stand, simply lift it from the middle would do the trick.

2/ The 2nd foldline enables lower landscape angles. Tuck it in when half-way opening the stand to make it work!

3/ The 3rd foldline enables lower portrait angles. Push it back and forth before you finish opening the stand.

The Pencil Holder

1/ Tuck the Apple Pencil 1 or 2 into the holder. It would be a bit firm for the first few tries.

2/ Apply the holder onto the back of tablet stand, its magnetic pad would automatically attach itself.

3/ For Apple Pencil 2, you can also snap it onto the magnetic contact on the side of iPad Pros to charge.