MOFT X - Phone Stand Tutorial


1/ Our phone stand needs a flat surface to fully apply both the sticker and the stand itself.

2/ Uneven texture on your phone will effect the stickiness of the stand. Smooth back has the best compatibility.

3/ Phone Cases with special protective coating might not be able to attach anything on it. Regular material works better.


1/ If your phone has a glass back, please apply the glass sticker onto the back first.

2/ Stick the stand onto the back from the bottom, gently press on the surface for better stickiness.

3/ We also have a dedicated glass sticker for matte glass surface on iPhone 11 Pros

*Note: all versions of glass sticker can only be attached onto glass surface once. Please adjust its position before sticking it on to avoid re-attachment.

Open & Adjust

1/ It only takes 1-sec to open the stand. Lift the line in the middle and all is done!

2/ The stand comes with two orientation, simply lift the phone and place it sideways.

3/ It also has a 3-card holder. Open the stand to tuck in the cards, close it to hide them!


1/ Remove the stand from the bottom of the phone, gently peel it off the back, then remove the glass sticker.

2/ Please do not remove from upper part of the stand, it might damage the card holder.

Magnetic Sticky Pads

1/ Peel off the 3M sticker protector on the back.

2/ Stick it on smooth, even surface, then you are good to go!

3/ Attach your phone magnetically onto the sticker, the MOFT logo area works best.

*Note: the 3M sticker on the back of magnetic sticky pad can only endure one attachment, multiple re-attachment would significantly reduce the stickiness.