MOFT-World’s 1st Invisible Laptop Stand

Lightweight, Portable, Ergonomic

Light as a pen, Slim as a coin. You won't feel it when you’re carrying MOFT around with you. Bring less and enjoy more, that’s how we feel about life & work.

One Second Up, One Second Down

It's very easy for you to use MOFT stand and only takes One Second to open and close it. so you won't have a frustration of spending much time on packing and unpacking the device. As fast as you hope your daily work would be!

Working anywhere with ergonomic comfort.

MOFT attaches to the back of the laptop with the removable glue. Thus, you will never be troubled by forgetting to take a laptop stand when going out. Happy working anywhere with a good posture.

MOFT X Artist

We collaborate with the most talented artists on this planet, bringing MOFT stand a perfect blend of function and art.

MOFT-World’s 1st Invisible Laptop Stand