---For Phone stand---

1. Is MOFT X compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max?

Yes, please purchase the Special Glass Sticker here to make it compatible.

1. Would Moft X stick well on skins, like those from dbrand and Slickwrap?

Yes, MOFT X phone stand sticks well on 3M skin like those from dbrand and Slickwrap.

2. Will the Moft X be compatible and stick well to the phone case made of wood portion, Thermopolyurethane (TPU) or Polycarbonate (PC)?

Yes, it sticks to the phone case made of wood portion, TPU and PC.

3. Which option do I go for if I want to have a stand to support the Nintendo Switch?

MOFT X phone stand can support the Nintendo Switch.

4. Does MOFT X phone stand work on the phone with silicone phone case?

No, it doesn’t work on silicone phone case.



---For Tablet stand---

1. Does the Apple Pencil holder works for other pens?

The Apple Pencil holder only works for Apple pencil 1&2.

2. What’s the compatible models for tablet stand (mini)?

Compatible Models: iPad mini, small tablets with screens between 7.9” and 9.7”

3. What’s the compatible models for Tablet stand?

Compatible Models: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, tablets with 9.7” screen or larger


 ---General Questions---

1. What is this made of?

It's made of PU, glass fiber, metal plate, magnet and microfiber.

2.What's the working temperature for MOFT X Series?

It's been tested for eight hours that the adhesive is weather resistant between -4°F — 149°F(-20°C - 65°C).

3.How many times the stand can be reused?

It can be reused 5-6 times, because the adhesive may start to wear around 5 times re-sticks.