Significant Features of an Ergonomic Adjustable MOFT Tablet Stand

Tablet is no doubt a multipurpose gadget to accomplish both personal and professional tasks altogether. Its large screen can serve the purpose of enjoying multimedia content as well as attending office video conferencing. in order to make use of its complete potential, you need an ergonomically designed perfect tablet stand. The market is full of countless designs meant for serving different purposes. For instance, some tablet stands only serve the purpose of supporting the screen whereas others also meant for providing adequate protection as well as utilising it as an alternative to a laptop. Here we will tell you about some important specifications to consider while buying a tablet stand.

MOFT X Tablet Stand

Minimalistic Design: 

Your tablet stand holder must have a collapsible design for the ease of portability. It is seen that some chunky tablet cases turn your tablet much thicker than laptops. It creates difficulty while travelling with minimum possible luggage. We need tablets in both indoor and outdoor locations to accomplish different types of tasks. While travelling from one place to another, the tablet must be slim enough to slide inside the sleeve of your bag rather than requiring a separate arrangement. Always check the thickness of a tablet stand after folding it.

Peripheral Support:

Sometimes, we need to attach peripheral devices like a keyboard to use it for professional use. The iPad tablet stands you are choosing must be logically designed to allow connecting ports easily. Also, there should be an apple pencil holder to avoid misplacing it.

No Heating Issue:

Tablet stands are mostly attached to the back panel. While buying a model, make sure that it is not becoming the reason for overheating. There should be adequate ventilation so that we can use the tablet for long hours without facing heating issues.

Multi-dimensional Support: 

Tablets are rectangular in shape but we need them to work smoothly both horizontally and vertically. Vertical mode is convenient for editing documents whereas the horizontal mode is suitable for watching videos. Your iPad tablet stand should be meeting both expectations in multiple angles. A good quality tablet stand is adjustable in multiple elevations such as 60 degrees, 40 degrees 30 degrees and 25 degrees. You can get these adjustability features in the MOFT Tablet Stand.

Easy to Fix and Remove:

The foldable iPad stand you are going to buy a must be easy to fix and remove. They come with adhesive to fix on the back panel. Make sure that the company is giving assurance about no adhesive marks remaining behind after removing it.


A good tablet stand holder needs to be compatible with different models. When it comes to compatibility, the tablet stands of MOFT are better than any other model available in the market. You can stick them on the back panel of different sizes of tablets from 7.9 inches to 10.5 inches. 

This is all you need in a perfectly designed tablet stand. For adequate screen protection, we recommend a tempered glass along with minimalistic foldable tablet stands.