MOFT Laptop Stand - Become A Productive Work-From-Home Warrior

Lockdown due to COVID-19 has started a global work-from-home movement. When you are working alongside your kids, and that too in an unsuitable space, achieving the intended efficiency and output is not easy. You have limited choice. You can take a break to give your back some rest but you may not be allowed to go out and catch some fresh air. When it comes to effects on your productivity, this depends on adjustments you can make in your house. Though you are left with more time as long commutes are eliminated, but this can develop a work-life imbalance as well. This happens when you are not getting the space, privacy and tools you need. Productivity can be a disaster when your 5-years-old keeps on busting into the room and you are not in a playful mood. Imagine this happening when you are in the middle of a conference call.

You need to use one of your rooms as an office where you can take important calls and remotely collaborate with your team using your laptop. Hope you have a quality laptop stand. You have an adjustable chair in your office. The height of the office desk is also ideal to make sure that your neck and back remain aligned and the position of the screen is right for your eyes. However, you may not have an adjustable chair or table at home. So, working without an adjustable MOFT laptop stand can be very problematic. MOFT provides you with the convenience of changing the height and angle of the laptop to prevent eye strain and other problems. You can change the angle of the display for better viewing. However, you can’t do that with the laptop keyboard when you don't have a laptop stand. Here are some other ways the adjustable MOFT laptop stand can help in creating office-like settings in your house. 

A Great Ergonomic Tool

You don't have an office chair at home. This chair is designed to be a great ergonomic tool for office warriors who spend 8 to 9 hours with their eyes glued to computer screens. You don't have to be deprived of this comfort when you are sitting in your kitchen chair or living room chair. MOFT laptop stand is designed to serve the purpose of a great ergonomic tool that provides you with the comfort and convenience you need to work-from-home. This allows you to adjust the angle of the screen and keyboard. 

Less Strain On Hands And Neck 

You don't need to change the position of your hands and neck when you are writing a business proposal or fixing coding errors, or writing the next blog post. Simply change the position of your laptop and you will not feel any strain or pain while executing your professional obligations. MOFT laptop stand keeps you and your laptop running all day.

Increased Efficiency

Place the laptop in the most appropriate position and it’s done. You don't need to put a pillow on the chair to make sure that your eyes and the top of the screen are at the same level. Adjust the height of your laptop and then there will be no distractions when you are trying to put your entire focus on the work. There will be no pressure or strain on your hands, back, neck or any other part of your body. Your head and back are always in a straight position. So, you can produce better results. 

Protect Your Laptop 

Placing the laptop on your lap exposes you to harmful electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to your body. So, you don't need to worry about electromagnetic radiation exposure as the laptop is placed on the stand. The stand also protects your device from getting damaged due to hand slip, spilling or any other accident. 

So, don't let this work-from-home movement hurt your productivity. Get your MOFT laptop stand now!