MOFT Announces Its First-ever Product Collaboration with Asian Artists

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 20, 2019 - MOFT world's first invisible laptop stand announced today its first-ever product collaboration with three Asian Artists from different tribes and regions across Asia. Set to debut in June 2019, the collaboration fuses MOFT brand with three different artists' aesthetics, each rooted in their heritage.

YongOh KIM, a famous Korean illustrator from the Nomad tribe who represents travel experience with a variety of bright colors and lines.

LAIMO-Cherng, a Taiwanese illustrator from the young tribe, creates an interesting character LAIMO in black humor, attracting millions of followers on social media.

Katsushika Hokusai, a classic Japanese artist, has established his fame both in Japan and overseas with the woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.

“We are honored to work with such talented artists for this Asian collection,”said Julianna He, CEO of MOFT. “Each artist has their own unique representation of the spirit of our brand, simple, mobile, young, cross-boundary, and more. Working together, we’ll be able to present our customers the perfect combination of practicality and personality”.

MOFT stand is the world's first invisible laptop stand. It acts as a natural part of the laptop so that you move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere. Light as paper and slim as a coin, MOFT portable laptop stand is a perfect fit for your business trip, travel, and work on the go. Earlier this year, it has raised over 1 million US dollars from 50 thousand backers on crowdfunding platforms worldwide.

Each work of the collection will be unveiled on MOFT official store. The discount price for this campaign will be USD $29.99 (compared with USD $34.99 retail price) with only 100 pieces each in quantity. The Asian collection will be the debut of MOFT’s journey of collaboration with artists. The brand is continuously seeking to bring more value to and connect with its customers in the near future.  

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About MOFT:

MOFT refers to “Morden Office for Travelers”. It’s a brand dedicated to creative inventions that boost your productivity. ( Our formula is simple: smart products = increased efficiency. Whether you are a traveler, entrepreneur or a remote worker, our products provide the highest level of comfort, turning your hectic schedule productive and efficient. MOFT laptop stand is truly one of a kind.