How Are The Best Cell Phone Stands Helping People

If you own a cell phone stand, you own too much!

According to a study by the University of Texas at Austin, it was observed that smartphones demand our attention even when we are not using them. People always think about phones, which means cell phone stands and other mobile accessories will attract their attention, especially if it's a brand that you love. As per the facts, 92.8 percent of mobile users have a smartphone. The industry of mobile accessories is expected to reach $107.3 billion by the end of 2022. There are around 91.5 % of people who feel uncomfortable leaving their phones at home. Around 76.5% of people admit that they are addicted to cell phones. People touch their phones around 2617 times per day.

MOFT Cell Phone Stands

This is the reason phone stands and other mobile accessories with cool designs have become the greatest giveaways for trade shows, fundraisers, and other social events. The best phone stands are definitely worth your money.

Benefits Of Using A Cell Phone Stand

A cell phone stand will keep you organized and give your hands a leisure break. It can do a lot for the safety and cleanliness of your phone. Plus, it will improve your comfort and productivity. Here's how you can benefit from MOFT cell phone stands!


It is very exhausting to hold your phone up and watch a movie or a video while working. In fact, a smartphone usually weighs up to 0.3 lbs. If you have a reliable cell phone stand, your arms and neck will definitely thank you! Use the MOFT cell phone stand for the desk and feel the comfort!


A cell phone stand is really important when you are on the road. You would be dumbstruck to know that around 1.6 million accidents happen every year because of the use of cell phones while driving.


It is important for everyone not to look at their phones while at school or at work. Because this is something that can cause up to 5 hours of lost productivity. A cell phone stand will keep your phone offside and out of your mind so that you are able to focus on the tasks at hand. This will ultimately improve your productivity!


There won't be any clutter on your desk if your cell phone is in the right spot. You will not misplace it under the folders, notebooks or other office supplies. There won’t be any mess with the office phone stands!

Ways to Use Cell Phone Stand

Not to mention there are millions of ways to use a cell phone stand. People are very attached to their phones that means a cell phone stand can be used everywhere, be it in your bedroom, car, at work or even in the grocery store! A cell phone stand comes handy whenever you want it too!

Working on Multiple Tasks

Whether you are a student or a professional or someone with a lot of tasks for projects to tackle? The best cell phone stand will help you look at two devices at the same time.


A cell phone stand will help you keep your hands on the wheel. You can easily play your favorite Spotify list or follow the GPS without any hassle. Driving will become easier with the help of the best cell phone stands.

Kitchen Works

You can easily use a cell phone stand or holder to watch the videos while scrubbing the pots and pans for trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. Now you can easily make a new dish without worrying about holding your phone.

Getting Groceries

Most of the time, you need hands free to make it easier for you to look at the grocery list and push the card around the store without bumping into people. This is when the best cell phone stand comes into the picture.


Now you can aim your next hole, without any worries about your phone! It will be safe in a phone mount that can attach to your golf cart. A cell phone stand will definitely help you out while you are on the ground.

So, you won't have to worry about the setting on your phone or having it fall out on the ground. There is a MOFT cell phone stand for almost every situation!

Now you can watch funny videos, keep your phone clean and safe or scroll through the pictures whenever and wherever you want with these small objects that will prop up your mobile device.

Happy Surfing!